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Dentist Coruna Spain

Coruna Dental Clinic Spain is a dentist center for a perfect smile with the best professionals.
Dental clinic specialized in implants / dental aesthetics / oral surgery / treatment of oral pain /. We cover all the specialties of dentistry.
We have an expert medical team in different areas of dental care.
Dental Clinic Team perform / oral surgery / implantology / general dentistry / dental aesthetics / root canal dental services / treatment of oral and bruxism pain / loss of dental pieces / bridges / crowns / veneers /.
In addition, we have a service of digital radiology and laser technology. Specialized in the care of the dental sensitivity. We attend urgencies 24 hours and also on weekends by appointment.
Do not hesitate to contact our Coruna Dental Clinic Spain.

Dental Implants Coruna Spain

Dental implants are the best alternative to restore lost teeth due to their high predictability and safety in meeting the functional and aesthetic demand.
Without the pain, and with the possibility of replenishing your teeth on the same day.

Oral Surgery Coruna Spain
Through oral surgery, we can perform complicated tooth extractions such as those impacted or retained upper and lower teeth when necessary. On other occasions, when the patient notices that there is a tooth missing from the anterior area. Teeth will be extracted with great care and doctors trained to do the surgery.
Also any condition that affects the oral cavity can be solved in our office by our oral surgery specialist.

In our dental clinic we perform all dental treatments, starting with a personalized diagnosis to know the needs of each client. Then we proceed to recommend the most appropriate treatment to your needs / oral rehabilitation / periodontics / pediatric dentistry / orthodontics / oral implantology / esthetic dentistry / preventive dentistry /.
We always advise our clients that prevention is the best treatment we can offer them.


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