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Cosmetic Dentist Zagreb Clinic. People from all European countries, USA, Canada visiting our dental clinic in Zagreb for many reasons, but what they all have in common is that they want to have a perfect smile.

In Cosmetic Dentist Zagreb Clinic we know that a perfect smile actually means healthy teeth. That is why making your teeth healthy is the first step towards a perfect smile. The next step is to design your new, flawless and natural smile. A smile that everyone will remember. Have you ever wished everyone was watching you with admiration when you enter the room? We will fulfill your wish. We promise!

For the best dental results you must have best dentist technology. That is why we pay special attention to the equipment and work only with the most modern equipment and appliances. It’s one of our features that helps us deliver on our second promise – only the best is good enough for our customers!

Dental Clinic in Zagreb is providing a full range of dental treatments. Some of our dental services are:

Ceramic Veneers Cosmetic Dentist Zagreb

Ceramic veneers are an ideal permanent solution that achieves superior aesthetic results. Veneers are custom ceramic facets that require a minimum touch of the teeth, and sometimes it is not necessary to grind the front surface of the teeth.

Material for the veneers is light permeable and transparent ceramics, allowing for a completely natural and radiant smile. Veneers eliminate irregularities that present problems to you, such as the shape of the tooth, the size, its color or the position itself.

Smile Design Zagreb

A beautiful smile is one of the characteristics that is always remembered by a person, which is why most people want a harmonious and attractive smile. The technology used in dentistry, which is advancing more and more every day, makes it easier for the patient to go to the dentist because in a short time, without fear and pain, dentist can solve all your problems. It also provides dentists with extreme precision, safety and superior results. The dental clinic in Zagreb provides its patients with an individual approach every day with the use of modern and digital technologies in dentistry and the Smile Design service.

Ceramic Crowns Zagreb

Crowns made entirely of ceramics are a nicer and better alternative to classic metal – ceramic crowns. Unlike metal – ceramics, complete ceramics enable natural translucency and penetration of light through the tooth and the crown, which results in the natural appearance of the crown.

Crowns with a metal core can never achieve a completely natural look, and often lead to additional bad effects on aesthetics such as sifting metal on the edge next to the gums and preventing light from penetrating the tooth resulting in unnatural color. The reason why most dentists do not use full ceramic crowns is that the technique of their installation and manufacture is very demanding.

Due to its transparency, the color of the ceramic is greatly influenced by the color of the brushed tooth itself. The dentist and dental technician must be very skilled in the manipulation of colors and have excellent knowledge of the optical properties of the teeth and the material itself. There are various types of ceramics for making all-ceramic crowns.

Dental Implants Zagreb

Dental implants are artificial prostheses that are implanted in the jawbone to serve as a replacement for the natural root of the tooth, or as supports for crowns, bridges or dentures. They are made entirely of titanium, which is why the success of the therapy is extremely high.

Losing more teeth will also result in bone loss, making the face look older than it really is. If a tooth is missing in the front of your mouth, it can affect your smile and your self confidence. In many cases, dental implants or dental implants are the best aesthetic and functional solution for replacing missing teeth.

Price List

First consultation / FREE /
Composite filling / 35 – 50 Euros /

Porcelain Metal Crown / 220 Euros /
Porcelain Crown / 300 Euros /
Veneer Porcelain / 300 Euros /
Zirconia Crown / 370 Euros /

Dentures / from 400 Euros /
Extractions / 30 – 40 Euros /
Root canal / 40 Euros /
Teeth cleaning / 35 Euros /
Teeth whitening / 250 Euros /

Implant / Implant Direct / 600 Euros /
Implant / Nobel Biocare / Astra Tech / Zimmer / 800 Euros /
Bone Augmentation / 140 Euros /


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