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About us
The dentists of Kolmident team have all graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Belgrade, and their participating in professional and scientific meetings as well as national and international seminars and courses has given them the opportunity to incessantly upgrade their knowledge and acquire new skills.
Thanks to the cooperation with specialists in various fields of dentistry, the Kolmident clinics are able to offer patients a complete dental service.
The Kolmident clinics are to be looked for at the two locations, one in Belgrade and one in Požega.
The Practice Facility of Požega has been operating for 25 years, and was founded by dr Milojka Kolarevic, the first private dentist in the Zlatibor District.
In Pozega, at 10 Majora Ilica Street, on the ground floor of the Kolarevic’s family house, two fully equipped practices are located, and one of the dental chairs available, with integrated intraoral camera was delivered by the German company KaVo.
In Belgrade, 4/1 Kolarceva Street, another two-dental chair practice facility, founded by dr Katarina Kolarevic, has been operating for several years now.
Our adopting the latest developments in the field of dentistry, and the use of both modern equipment and imported materials of the latest generation have resulted in the high quality services that we are able to offer on the daily basis.
However, prices in the Kolmident practice are adapted to the local population and the living standard of the country.
The benefits such as free examination and paymant in installments for the therapies which require high financial investments (prosthetics, orthodontic treatment and dental implant) are waiting for you in our practices.
The Kolmident practices are open within flexible working hours, whereby our patients are also allowed to schedule evening sessions or those for weekends and holidays.

Let’s start from the scientifically proven fact that genetics has a significant effect on the inheritance of some diseases related to the tooth structure and the tooth supporting apparatus. The statements like: “I have poor teeth just like my father”, or “My mother lost her teeth at an early age”, can be heard on the daily basis. Well, your parents might have been prosthetically rehabilitated patients, but you do need not to be one, least of all your children.
In this regard the trend of family dentist has been the guiding idea of our practices for many years. Getting to know the family history, our dentists, with early diagnostic procedures applied, start “fighting the legacy of bad”, whilst adequate prevention programmes and timely undertaken treatments are aimed to provide our patients with stable and healthy teeth for life.
The idea is to treat children at the same place as their parents and their grandparents. Every family should have their own dentist who will always be thoroughly familiar with the oral health of all its members, who you will always be able to call for advice, in whom you have confidence and who will always be there to welcome you with a smile and gladness.
The family connection is the unbreakable thread that keeps the Kolmident team together. We believe that business should „remain in the house“ , that the craft is passed down from parent to child, not by being stolen but by being given selflessly, and that youth inspires the parent to keep going, to want more because he/she has someone to fight for. The energy that exists between mother, dr Milojka Kolarevic and her daughter, dr Katarina Kolarevic is transferred to other members of the Kolmident team, which makes us feel as if being part of the family and working for the common interest.
Only that kind of conduct gives patients the sense of warm family atmosphere in which we all stand for the same goal, that is, the patient’s satisfaction with the service provided, for, in the end, this is all that metters.

Pediatric Dentistry
Dental Deseases
Teeth Whitening
Oral Surgery

Specialist Consultation – 10 EUR
Simple Extraction – 20 EUR
Complicated Extraction – 30 EUR
Surgical Extraction – 70 EUR
Composite filling – 20-30 EUR
Composite Veneer – 25 EUR
Root Canal Treatment – 20-30 EUR
Teeth Whitening – 200 EUR
Metal Ceramic Crown – 90 EUR
Non Metal Crown – 180 EUR
Ceramic Veneer – 120 EUR
Denture 150-250 EUR

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