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Dental Center Barcelona Esplugues clinic location is in the Virgen de la Merced Health Center. All sorts of dental treatments and also the best dental team. We have experience since 1981, in the health sector.
We offer the possibility of performing all necessary dental treatments in the same Center and also for all types of patients. Children, adolescents and also senior patients.
The main advantage is the teamwork of all dental professionals and also personalized attention. We create an environment of trust between doctors and the patients.
The facilities have digital technology showing in two seconds the dental X ray of the patient.

History of our dental center Esplugues

Health Center is the only dental clinic in Esplugues de Can Vialet with more than 30 years of experience and with more than 15.000 patients. Often we have three generations of the same family as our patients in the same center.
From the beginning the Virgen de la Merced Health Center has gained the consideration and also prestige of the medical community. Best companies have included us in their medical chart / Mapfre, Sanitas, Agrupacio Mutua /.

We are a group of qualified professionals who wish to offer a better future to your smile. Professionals with extensive experience and also continuous training in the advancement of a new materials and techniques. We work as a team to find the best treatment for each patient.
Our philosophy is the highest quality in the service.
We have treated patients from other countries like England, Switzerland, France to whom we offer the fly & smile pack to visit our city, make dental treatment and come back to your country with a beautiful smile and also huge savings

Digital Dentist Clinic

Our facilities have been completely refurbished and also updated. We have the digital radiology system in the three cabinets, reception and also the radiology room. Everything is computerized so that the radiation is lower and the file more agile and fast.
When we perform orthopantomography and teleradiography in the RX room in two seconds we have the image on the screen and so the doctor can diagnose more clearly and quickly.

We have a room of 190m2 completely renovated and also computerized divided into:
Reception / 2 Waiting rooms / 3 Computerized dentistry offices with digital radiology / 2 Offices / 1 Podiatry Cabinet / 1 Physiotherapy office / 1 Osteopathy Office / 1 Digital radiology room / 1 Sterilization room / Bathrooms / Warehouse

Dental Treatments Esplugues

Maxillofacial Surgery
Maxillofacial surgery is the most advanced surgical technique to perform a correct oral rehabilitation.

Dental implants Dental Center Barcelona Esplugues
With dental implants you can recover the aesthetics and also functionality that causes tooth loss.

It is the specialty that correct the position of the teeth to improve aesthetics and also occlusion.

Dental prostheses
The absence of dental pieces can be effectively resolved with dentures.

Teeth whitening
We guarantee the best results in your teeth whitening. Thanks to the qualified personnel in aesthetic dental treatments.

General dentistry
Prevention is the best treatment to prevent oral pathologies. We recommend an annual review.

The periodontics is responsible for detecting and also treating pathologies that affect the tissues surrounding the tooth.

It is the specialty that treats the pathologies of the pulp tissues of the teeth / root canal treatments /.

Conscious Sedation
Sedation is the technique of relaxation and also drowsiness with anesthetist, suitable for people with fears or phobias.

Pediatric dentistry
Pediatric dentistry is responsible for treating children by instructing them to adopt healthy habits from the first years of life.

Other services
Pediatric Osteopathy


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