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Dentist Center Belgrade

Our dental clinic in Belgrade is a modern dental center staffed by the best specialists in the field of dental medicine.
All our employees in the dental center Belgrade have extensive experience and with the use of the best technology we provide the best treatments to all our patients.
It is important to emphasize that you will feel relaxed in our dental center.

We are especially proud of our department of cosmetic dental treatments. We offer a completely individual approach. If you suffer from dental phobia in our clinic you will feel relaxed.
After all our treatments, your smile will look natural and harmonious.
We specialize in dental crowns and also veneers.


Complete Smile Reconstruction

Dental treatment that is very popular with our patients coming from abroad.
Our dental team has extensive experience in creating perfect smiles and solving even the most complex cases.
This treatment is a set of different dental treatments to achieve the desired result.
The goal is to keep the jaw, teeth, bones, and also gums in perfect balance.
Aesthetics and also functionality must be perfect after the treatment.
Veneers, crowns, dental bonding, implants are all part of this treatment depending on the case.
The end result is a perfect and also a healthy smile.

When planning the treatment, the dental specialist takes into account the color of the teeth, the length of each tooth, the symmetry.
After the treatment, the bite is perfect without any gaps or improperly aligned teeth.

Before the treatment, the patient goes through a detailed analysis, a consultation with a dental specialist.
The specialist listens to the patient’s wishes and suggests one or more solutions.
In addition, a detailed treatment plan and price list are always made. The patient has all the data before the treatment.

Tooth Reconstruction Dentist Belgrade

The goal of our dental center in Belgrade is to make you look younger after this treatment. That you have more self-confidence. That your bite is great as well as your smile and your tooth function is great.
With this dental treatment, we strengthen damaged teeth and restore their function and excellent appearance.

Treatment is a set of dental treatments that include:
Ceramic Veneers
Composite Veneers
Metal ceramic crowns
Porcelain crowns
Gum treatment
Dental root canal treatment
Teeth whitening

Cosmetic Dentistry Belgrade

In our dental center in Belgrade, we use the best dental technology to give you a new smile and take the time back. After the treatment with our cosmetic dentist, you will have more self-confidence and you will feel great.
Our dental team works carefully on each dental procedure, taking into account other characteristics of your face such as face shape, lip shape, skin color, gums.
We use only the best dental materials and technology to achieve great results.

About Dental Center Belgrade

Our dental clinic in Belgrade uses only the best dental materials and techniques.
We offer a wide range of options for the best treatment.
All materials we use in our dental center are FDA and EMA approved.
The use of the best dental materials and also equipment and the top knowledge of our dentists are a guarantee of optimal best results.
Our dental clinic in Belgrade cooperates with leading dental laboratories for all types of prosthetic works for our patients. We also offer dental treatments for children.


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