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Dental Center Coruna Pardinas has a complete team of dental specialists works in our dental clinic in A Coruna. We offer the best dental care at one place. Each dental treatment is personalized.
The greatest value of our clinic are the best dental professionals and experts. For each dental speciality we have a specialist especially experienced for a specific area and specific procedures. Our dentists are constantly improving to keep up with the most modern ways of treating and maintaining teeth and mouth. In this way, we offer the best service to all our patients.
For each patient, our dentists provide enough time for both diagnosis and dental treatment.
At our dental clinic in Coruna you will find friendly and professional medical staff.

One of our goals is to offer our patients the latest and most modern dental treatments.
With this we guarantee excellent results and a long-lasting result.
We are the best clinic for dental implants and bone graft in the area of A Coruna and Galicia.
Experience since 1989.
In our dental clinic we offer 3D, which allows us the highest quality analysis.

Dental Center Coruna Pardinas Prices

  • Implant / 900 – 1.200 € /
  • Crown over implant / 690 – 850 € /
  • Ceramic veneer / 590 – 650 € /
  • Ceramic Crown / 590 – 650 € /
  • Composite Veneer / 480 – 520 € /

Some of the dental technologies we use in Dental Center Coruna Pardinas are:

Computer guided dental treatments / Intraoral camera /
Laser / Detection of oral lesions /
Teeth Smile Design

The highest priority in our dental clinic is the safety of our patients and employees.
We use computer radiological technology.
All of our equipment is checked constantly to provide our patients with the safest care.
The walls of our CBCT room are lined with special materials to ensure the safety of all our patients and employees at the highest level.

The clinic has an air conditioning and ventilation system that changes the air inside the clinic every hour.
The water in the clinic passes through special filters.

Dental Treatments Coruna

Dental Implants Coruna

The dental clinic has been using dental implants since 1989 and is the first clinic in A Coruna to use implants.
This way you can be sure that we have a long experience and thousands of satisfied patients.
In our work we use only the best dental implants.

If you have one or more missing teeth, contact us with confidence because in a very short time our dental specialists can put a smile back on your face.
Previously, dentures or bridges were used for missing teeth, but today implants are the best solution.

Immediate Dental Implants

Immediate Dental Implants allow the dentist to place implants immediately after tooth extraction without waiting for the wound to heal.
Once the implant is placed, it is necessary to wait 3-6 months for the implant to adhere well to the bone before placing the final tooth.
Meanwhile, the patient has temporary teeth with which he can eat and talk normally.

Our dental clinic in Coruna is specialist in zygomatic implants.

Orthodontist Coruna Spain

In our clinic, we correct the teeth and their function and appearance. We offer orthodontic therapies for children and adults.
Before the treatment, you need to come for a consultation so that the orthodontist can make a treatment plan and price. Each case is individual and it is necessary to make all the diagnosis before therapy.
Our dentists have a long experience in orthodontics and use the best technology.
We guarantee excellent results.
We use the latest technology in the clinic. 3D intraoral cameras, photos, videos.

Gum treatments

Periodontitis Treatments
Gingivitis Treatments

Gum problems are something that many patients have. Many patients do not realize that gum problems can lead to tooth loss over time.
In our dental clinic in Coruna we offer all treatments for the prevention and treatment of gum disease.
From the simplest dental cleaning to deep cleaning, Removal of periodontal pockets. Gum surgery.

Oral Surgery / Coruna /

Our dentists have extensive experience in oral surgery. We use the latest dental technology in oral surgery.

Dental Prostheses / Coruna /

Complete Dentures
Removable partial dentures on natural teeth.
Implant prostheses. Fixed and removable.

It is extremely important that a patient who is missing one or more teeth replaces those teeth so that there are no further serious problems that the lack of teeth can cause.

Cosmetic dental treatments / Coruna /

Teeth Whitening / Coruna /
Veneers. Composite and porcelain. They are used to improve the appearance of teeth. Size, shape and color.
Dental fillings / inlays. Reconstruction of a tooth affected by caries or fracture.

Root canal treatment Coruna

We have the latest advances and technology used by our specialists in endodontics.

We have two types of procedures to reduce the level of anxiety of the patient in front of the dental treatments.

Sleep apnea and snoring treatments

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Treatments


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