Dental Center Izmir Miva

As Miva Dental family we offer quality and fast treatment options to our clients in the field of oral and dental health by following the developing technology with an innovative approach.

We offer all kinds of services in all branches of oral and dental health in our modern clinic. Miva Dental family, which sees protecting and treating the oral and dental health of individuals and raising awareness of oral and dental health as its main mission. Our dental clinic in Izmir has become an institution preferred by patients who stand out with their transparent, high-quality, reliable and friendly service approach and their satisfaction after treatment based on ethical values.

Dental Services Izmir

Teeth whitening
After the teeth whitening process, in order to protect the teeth from discoloration, food, drink and cigarettes should be avoided for 3 weeks.

If you’re looking for a complete smile makeover in a short amount of time, you might be a good candidate for a dental veneer procedure. Clinic is skilled at providing tooth-colored porcelain veneers to quickly recolor and reshape your front teeth for a bright and shining new smile.

Crowns / Full Range Of Crown Options

Root Canal Treatment
The biggest advantage of root canal treatment is to protect and save the dead tooth and the surrounding bone.

Implant Treatment
Implants are artificial tooth roots placed in the jawbone to restore the function and aesthetics of missing teeth. Implants are commonly tissue-appropriate and extremely durable. The appearance and use of the implants are very comfortable. They are not even felt in the mouth.

Teeth Cleaning ( Deep Cleaning )
Scaling / cleaning /, which is intended to protect our gums by preventing the accumulation of calculus, should be done every 6 months. In individuals whose scaling is not done for a long time, calculus begins to accumulate, causing the gums to recede. Over time, visible gingival recession is observed and this is accompanied by the bone problems
between the gingiva and the tooth. With the loss of the bone, it is very possible to lose the teeth in the future.

Dental Fillings
It is the restoration of the tooth due to decay or fracture. Sometimes, for aesthetic reasons, old fillings can be renewed or missing areas can be rehabilitated with composites, which are aesthetic filling materials used in the correction of color and deformities of anterior teeth. With these fillings, which are completely compatible with the color of your teeth, it will not be visible that there is a filling in your mouth.

Orthodontics / Non Wire Treatment /
Offering the latest technology in aesthetic orthodontic treatments, Orthero is a wireless orthodontic treatment method that makes your teeth ideal with the use of individually produced, invisible transparent appliances.

Jaw Botox
With the Masseter BOTOX procedure, many problems such as joint disorders that may occur due to clenching at night and during the day due to stress or other reasons, tooth grinding and related wear and breakage of teeth, jaw and headaches, and eating difficulties can be prevented. This method, which we frequently apply, has an lasting effect of average of 6 months. Being completely harmless, the process only takes 15 minutes.

Price List

Composite Filling EUR
Extraction Simple EUR
Extraction (surgical/impacted ) EUR
Porcelain inlay/onlay EUR
Teeth Whitening EUR
Regular teeth cleaning EUR
Composite veneer EUR
Composite bonding EUR
Deep cleaning scalling (per quadrant )EUR

Crowns / Veneers
Metal Ceramic Crown EUR
Ceramic crown EUR
Porcelain veneer EUR
Zirconia crown EUR
Temporary crown/veneer EUR

Full Denture EUR
Partial Denture EUR

Implant Procedures
Dental Implant ( implant only ) EUR
Porcelain Crown On Implant EUR
Sinus lifting EUR
“All on Four” System EUR ( per jaw including temporary teeth and final teeth )
“All on Six” System EUR ( per jaw including temporary teeth and final teeth )
Bone graft (large) EUR
Bone graft (small) EUR

Root Canal Treatment EUR

Jaw Botox EUR