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Dental Treatments Zagreb

Dental center Zagreb Croatia provides fast and precise dental treatments.
We use modern technology and offer the concept of all inclusive dental services.
In our dental center in Zagreb, all treatments have excellent prices.
From dental consultation, through the therapy plan, which is always individual, all the way to the best dentist treatments.
Complete dental service at one place in Zagreb.

Our Dental Center Zagreb Croatia is experienced in treating patients from abroad. Thousands of them have given us their trust and left Zagreb with a big smile on their faces.
We solve even the most complex dental cases.
Our dentists are experienced experts in whose hands you will be completely safe.

Best Dental Center Zagreb

Our team of dentists and dental experts provides all dental services quickly, accurately and with maximum safety.
We have over 20 years of experience and have raised our dental service to the highest level.
Our expert team of dentists in Zagreb follows each patient from the beginning to the end of the dental treatment and in the best possible way brings your teeth and oral area to an excellent health and aesthetic condition.

Dental Center Zagreb uses the most modern dental equipment. In our dental clinic in Zagreb only top dental specialists works.
All the equipment we use in working with our patients is a product of the world’s top manufacturers.
With this and with the knowledge of our dentists, the service we provide is top-notch.
As part of our dental clinic in Zagreb, there is also a dental laboratory, which significantly shortens the waiting time for all our patients and enables complete supervision of the treatment.

As part of our dental center in Zagreb, we also have our own diagnostic center, so you don’t have to go elsewhere for X-ray recording, but you can do everything at one place. For patients coming from abroad, we also provide accommodation in comfortable private apartments during the treatment.

For all our patients, we offer a transport service from the airport, from the hotel or some other place outside of Zagreb.

Dental Services Zagreb

Dental Implants Zagreb

Implants are used when the patient is missing one tooth, more teeth or is completely toothless.
During the first examination, which is mandatory, the implant specialist determines how many implants need to be installed in order to solve the problem of missing teeth.
If the patient is missing only one tooth, then one implant with a ceramic crown is installed.
If several or all teeth are missing, then dental specialist determine the number of implants because an implant does not have to go in the place of every missing tooth.
For example, if the patient has no teeth at all, with only 4 or 6 implants, our dentists can make a row of 12 perfect teeth, thus solving the problem of missing teeth in one jaw.
Patient’s bone density and other factors are important factor.
The first examination in our dental center in Zagreb is free.

In our dental center in Zagreb, we offer all implantology options such as all on 4, all on 5 and all on 6. We also offer implantology treatments with Zygomatic implants.

Dental Tooth Crowns

Our team of experts and dental laboratory makes all kinds of dental crowns. Metal ceramic crowns, fully ceramic crowns and zirconia crowns. Each patient can choose the type of the crown they want. All crowns are extremely high-quality and long lasting, and the main difference is the crown’s aesthetics. Metal ceramic crown is metal base with ceramim coat. When such a crown is on the tooth after some time due to the receding of the gums, a visible metal part may become visible, which can be an aesthetic problem with the front teeth. Porcelain crowns are a bit more expensive, but that’s why they are aesthetically perfect. The production of each crown requires 2 to 3 visits to our clinic, and the total duration of production is only a few days.

Dental Veneers Zagreb

Dental veneers are the most popular solution if you want to have a Holywood Smile. Veneers are thin porcelain material that cover only the front part of the teeth. Unlike dental crowns, where dentist must shape a large amount of the natural tooth before placing the crown, in the case of veneers, the natural tooth does not require so much preparation. With the help of veneers, the problem of bad tooth color, tooth position, and tooth shape does not exist. In a very short period of just a few days, our dentists can completely change your smile.

Laser Teeth Whitening Zagreb / Best Price /

Dental Center Zagreb is using the most advanced laser for teeth whitening procedure and for teeth cleaning.

The dental center in Zagreb, Croatia performs all dental treatments such as teeth whitening, root canal treatment, gum treatments, oral surgery, teeth cleaning, etc.


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