Dental Clinic Alicante GarDents

Dental Treatments Alicante

Dental Clinic Alicante GarDents has the latest technology. We offer patients the latest in dental treatments.
We provide dental services for the whole family. All dental treatments are individual using the best techniques.

In our dental clinic in San Juan, Alicante, we have two dental offices with intraoral radiography, armchairs, sterilization and the best devices.
The dental center provides maximum comfort. The clinic is adapted for disabled patients. Kind, friendly and professional team.
The dental clinic is located in the commercial area of Playa San Juan.
Dental Clinic Alicante GarDents also offers a Panoramic X Ray, so you can do all the diagnostics here.

Dental Treatments Alicante

General Dental Treatments Alicante

General, mostly conservative dental treatments.

We offer all solutions for replacing one or more teeth.

Implants Dental Clinic Alicante

All solutions for the replacement of one or more lost teeth. We also offer a solution for patients who do not have a single tooth. Many patients who come to our clinic from abroad are looking for dental implants. The price in our clinic is 70% lower compared to some countries. The main reason why patients decide for implants is that they want to laugh, eat and enjoy life again. In our dental center Alicante, we have the latest technology with which we install implants. In just one day, we can extract your teeth, place implants and fixed teeth.

We provide the best dental care to all patients. We have years of experience in installing implants and an excellent team of specialists and oral surgeons. Our entire dental team monitors every patient and every step of the treatment so that the final result is perfect. We have the best diagnostic equipment in order to plan the procedure itself as precisely as possible.

Orthodontics Alicante
The result of the treatment is properly aligned teeth and high aesthetics of smile.

Root Canal Treatments Alicante
Removal of dental pulp. Filling canals with special materials and saving teeth.

Oral Surgery Alicante
Diagnosis and operations of various conditions of the teeth and mouth.

ATM Treatments

Children Dentistry

Gum Treatments


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