Dental Clinic Alicante MD

Located in the heart of the Pla Boulevard, between the districts of Plá and Garbinet in the city of Alicante. Dental Clinic MD has spent 12 years on active duty.From the beginning our goals were to take care for the health and the smile of our patients, which we serve with the professionalism and we offer our warm and friendly service. We distinguish the humane treatment, where you will always find a warm smile and the best results.

Curator: processes for the full restoration to avoid tooth loss. Cavity is cleaned first and the cavity and the filling is prepared. In case of deeper cavities affecting the nerve, endodontics or root canal treatment is performed. Subsequently, the filling is made or a porcelain crown is placed to increase tooth resistance.
Surgery: when a tooth is irreparably damaged for different reasons, it proceeds to tooth extractionm or poor position of teeth which requires extraction, as in the case of wisdom teeth. In our surgery there is no pain during the treatment
Pediatric Dentistry: Dentistry dedicated exclusively to our small patients because they often have different needs from adults. It is also very important psychological management of these patients to gain the trust and cooperation between us.
Prosthesis: the loss of a tooth always entails a structural, functional and aesthetic alterations that requires the restoration, either through fixed or removable dentures. There is a wide range of possibilities and the dentist will give advices in each case to achieve a best solution for the patient.
Implants: Dental implants, which increasingly have better outcomes (success rate 98%) because it is a technique in full development. We can replace by implants from a single missing piece to a large group.
Hygiene: both the assistant and the dentist are qualified to perform all kinds of health treatments such as tartar removal or cleaning of dental tartar and scrapings and root planings. Techniques are intended to maintain the good condition of the gums and tissues supporting the teeth to avoid loss.
Orthodontics is the correction of tooth position through various mechanisms to obtain both aesthetically and functionally harmonious smile. Although more frequent treatments for pediatric patients, are increasingly seeking treatments for adults.

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