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Dental Clinic Antalya Panoramik, which have been in service since 1996. Clinic presents international patients best, comfortable and fastest treatment process. We welcome you in Antalya, one of the best cities in Turkey.
We can fix even the most complex cases in only a week of time. You can have a holiday by exploring the city and the treatment at the same time. Service is provided by experienced and professional dentists and individual treatment plans. Before any treatment our dentists will give you all the information. If you are coming for holidays you can contact us before your arrival. Based on the information that you will send we can make plan for your visit. Plan can include treatment steps and price plan.

Antalya CAD CAM Dentist

Dental Clinic welcomes many patients from different parts of the world, especially Europe. The treatment process starts with scanning of 3D and 2D panoramic scans. It ends with a maximum aesthetic smile by using CAD / CAM technology. This helps us to make your new teeth in only a day or few days.

Dental Clinic Antalya Treatments

The dental treatment process will become easier thanks to our professional and experienced team. Our priority is always to offer the healthiest treatment. Our clinic has the most affordable price for everyone, while not sacrificing hygiene and high quality.
Teeth cleaning / x ray / tooth extraction / implants / orthodontics / root canal treatment / teeth whitening. We use multiple techniques to treat, correct and enhance your teeth.

Why Choose Dental Clinic Antalya Panoramik ?

Hospitality Services
Hospitality Services will be an important part of your dental treatment experience! You will will find the sincerity, good humour and English speaking dentists in our clinics.

Full Support
You will be sure that your ongoing oral health and other needs are met during and after your treatment. You will have our full support even if you are a patient suffering from dental anxiety.

High Quality Tools
You will find the latest technology and high quality in our dental products. This will make your treatment easier and enjoyable. This helps our dentists to make best treatments.

Experienced Dentists / Long Experience /
Our dentists are best specialists with long experience making the latest dental procedures. All our dentists have licenses according to EU standards.

Central Location / Antalya /
Our clinic is located in centre of Antalya and very close to seaside, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Turkey. It is surrounded by lots of five star hotels.

Dentist Price Dental Clinic Antalya Panoramik Turkey

Affordable Prices
Your dental treatments in our clinic will be significantly cheaper compared to the same procedures performed in other parts of Europe.

Professional Dental Team in Turkey / Best Doctors /
Dental Clinic has the health tourism authorization certificate issued by the Ministry of Health. It is one of the most important certificates in the health sector. Our clinic is equipped with modern technological design, trained specislists and well qualified staff. We speak different languages such as English / French / German / Russian /


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