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Dental Tourism Budva Montenegro

Dental clinic Budva Dentist Montenegro with 70 years of family tradition.
A bright smile and healthy teeth are something we provide to all our patients, a large number of whom are our patients from abroad.
We work closely with each patient so that the final result of each dental treatment meets the expectations of our patients.
We advise patients in detail about the possibilities and introduce them to modern dentistry and dental medicine. After consultation with our dental experts, the patient can make the right decision and choose the best option.

The friendly staff of our dental clinic in Budva will do everything to make you feel relaxed in our modernly decorated space.

The dental team consisting of doctors, dental assistants and dental technicians are available and provide the best dental services in Budva.
We perform all types of dental treatments and repairs, from simple to the most complicated procedures.

Dental Clinic Treatments Budva

Oral Surgery Dental Clinic Budva Dentist

Our team of dental surgeons provides all services in the field of oral surgery in those cases when the patient cannot be helped by any other method.
We remove all types of soft and hard tissues of the oral area with maximum precision.
The dental surgeon and his team use minimally invasive methods to make recovery as short as possible and the procedure easier.
In our team, we have a full-time specialist in oral surgery at the disposal for all our patients.

We perform procedures on impacted teeth.
Simple and Surgical Tooth extraction
Cysts and tumors removal.

Dental Implants Budva

Teeth implants have been in use for more than 50 years.
They are the most stable long term solution for missing one or more teeth.
Implants are a replacement for a lost tooth, i.e. the root of a tooth, and they are made of titanium.
The oral surgeon uses a special method to insert the implant into the jaw bone.
After implant placement, it takes two months for the implant to fuse with the bone. After those two months, an abutment is placed on the implant, which is the carrier of the future dental crown or dental bridge.

For patients who are missing only one tooth, an implant is the best solution because other teeth are not touched, as is the case with a dental bridge.
A dental crown is placed on the implant, which can be all ceramic or metal ceramic, depending on the patient’s wishes. After the dental crown is placed on the implant, the patient once again has a tooth that functions and looks completely natural.

Patients who are missing several teeth, especially if they are on the same side, can build a fixed dental bridge that is fixed on implants. With dental bridge patient avoids wearing dentures. In our dental clinic in Budva, we make metal free dental bridges that are aesthetically perfect and give the feeling of natural teeth.

If the patient has no teeth at all, then implants are the best solution, because with the help of fix teeth over the implants, our dental team can make a completely healthy and beautiful smile.
In that case, dentist will place 6 to 8 implants in the jaw, which will serve as a base and support for a fixed bridge that will cover the entire jaw.

All On 4 Implants Budva

The All on 4 concept is one of the newer excellent methods of implant prosthetics.
4 implants are for the the lower jaw and 6 implants for the upper jaw. The patient receives temporary fixed teeth immediately after installation, and permanent fixed teeth after two months.

In our Dental Clinic Budva Dentist, Montenegro, we use the best German BreDent BlueSky implants.
Each patient receives the necessary documentation for implants.
If we do a bone graft procedure, we use Geistlich Bio-Oss® and Geistlich Bio-Gide® membrane.

Dental Prosthetics Budva

Dental Clinic Budva solves all your dental problems in just a few visits so that you feel and look better.
We offer all kinds of prosthetic solutions.
Complete and partial dentures, dental bridges, dental crowns.
We make ceramic and metal ceramic crowns.
We also have zirconium crowns and EMax crowns as well as veneers.
In agreement with the patient and after a dental examination, we will recommend the best options.

Non Metal Tooth Crowns

Crown can go only on natural teeth. If the tooth has no nerves and it is not possible to reconstruct it with a dental filling, dentist will use dental crowns.
Crowns make the tooth beautiful again and the function of the tooth is great again.
Non Metal Crowns are a superior aesthetic solution. They transmit light very well and in that way perfectly imitate a natural tooth.
The materials for the crowns are extremely strong and resistant.
Patient should know that grinding the teeth for non metal crown is much less and that the we can preserve muc more of dental tissue.
When making zirconium crowns, patients can see in advance on the Wax Up model what their smile will look like.

Non Metal Bridges

Unlike dentures, a dental bridge is a fixed solution and it fills the empty space in places where natural teeth are missing.

Veneers Budva

They require minimal preparation, only front side of the teeth before placing. With their help, we correct the appearance, shape, position and color of the teeth.
The aesthetics are excellent and we can completely satisfy the wishes of the patient.
We use E Max ceramics and zirconium to make veneers.

Dentures Montenegro

Complete Dentures

Removable prostheses that the patient can remove. It compensates for lost teeth. We will require three visits / trials / before taking over the prosthesis itself.

Partial Dentures

For patients who are missing several teeth and cannot or do not want to install a dental bridge or implants, the solution is a partial denture.
In our dental clinic in Budva, we can make dentures without metal hooks. These are silicone prostheses of the new generation that are soft and adapt perfectly to patients.

Root Canal Treatments

In our dental office in Budva, we treat teeth with a painless method and save them from extraction.
We use modern equipment, and our patients tell us that the sensation was the same as when they were making a dental filling treatment.
Only local anesthesia is necessary during the treatment.
A specialist endodontist removes bacteria from the dental canals and fills them to prevent them from reappearing.
After the treatment, we take a scan of the tooth to make sure that everything was done in the best way.

Tooth Fillings

We use white composite fillings from the best manufacturers.
With their help, we solve the problem of caries. First dentist will remove the caries from the tooth and that part of the tooth dentist will cover with a dental filling. Appearance and function of the tooth remain preserved.
In our dental clinic in Budva, we also use Equia dental fillings. This is a special filling because with its installation there is no sensitivity of the teeth to hot or cold.

Ultrasound Tartar Removal.


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