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Dental Clinic Bulgaria Plovdiv

Dental Clinic in Plovdiv Bulgaria

Dental Clinic Bulgaria Plovdiv. Our dentists have visited more than 150 postgraduate courses and lectures. We have more than 15 years of experience with the most up to date equipment and materials in dentistry. We have been working with foreign patients for more than 12 years now. Our team is proud to have an assistant professor in the Medical University – Plovdiv, who teaches dentistry in English to foreign students from all over the world. Postgraduate lectures and courses for dentists, as well as European Union programs for dental students, are held in our center.


Dental Treatment With Dental Clinic Bulgaria Plovdiv In 3 Simple Steps

  1. YOU: send us a panoramic Xray / Xray of all your upper and lower teeth / and tell us what you want to be done according to you. We will reply in 48 hours with a detailed plan of treatment and exact price. In order to do that we may need additional information depending on the individual case.
  2. After you approve the treatment plan and the price, we will specify the initial date and the time of your stay, as well as all the details concerning your travel, accommodation and stay. We will give you a mobile phone, when you come here, so that you will be in a constant connection with us.
  3. As soon as you arrive, we will start working on the agreed plan of treatment in our dental center in the best and fastest way. There are a lot of possibilities for tourist activities in your free time in the oldest city of Europe – Plovdiv / European Capital of Culture, 2019 / tour guide, excursions, delicious food in traditional restaurants, etc. You will go back home with a new smile and best memories.

Complete makeover / Hollywood smile / Prophylaxis / Esthetic fillings / Root canal treatment / Veneers / Metal ceramic / All ceramic / Zirconia crowns / Bridges / Dentures / Implants / Extraction of all kinds of teeth / Teeth whitening / Orthodontics / Invisalign / Dermal fillers / Botox / Mesotherapy /

Prices Dental Clinic Bulgaria Plovdiv

Esthetic filling / 75 € /
Veneer / 330 € /
Metal-ceramic crown / 250 € /
Zirconia crown / 400 € /
Denture / 450 € /
Implant / 900 € /
Teeth whitening / 300 € /
Root canal treatment / one root 180 € / multiple roots 250 € /
Hyaluronic filler / 1 ml / 275 € /

These prices are for your orientation. When we do the individual treatment plan for you, we will give you an exact final price.

The oldest city in Europe. Second largest city in Bulgaria. Bulgarian tourist center. European Capital of Culture in 2019. Landmarks from Thracian and Roman times, as well as an old town with museums and ancient architecture. Many restaurants with delicious traditional food. Lot of shopping centers.


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