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General dentistry Bucharest

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dental caries.
Dental caries is the most common problem that patients have. The main cause is bacteria that accumulate mainly due to poor dental hygiene.
If caries is not treated, the tooth can be damaged more, which will require further dental treatments.
If you have sensitive teeth to hot or cold, dark spots on your teeth, bleeding gums or pain, contact us so that your problem can be solved on time.
Our dental clinic in Bucharest uses very precise devices with which we can detect even the smallest cavity or problem. With the help of these devices, it is possible to see what the dentist cannot see with his own eyes.
In addition, our dental clinic also performs X-rays and clinical evaluation.

After caries removal, the tooth is treated with aesthetic composite material. Our dentists in Bucharest use materials from top manufacturers.
The treatment is simple, quick and painless.

If the cavity is deep, our dental specialists in Bucharest recommend two techniques:

Inlay. Ceramic dental prosthetics.
A dental crown that can be metal-ceramic or completely ceramic

Dental Prosthetics Bucharest

Part of dental medicine that restores appearance and function of the teeth. Our Bucharest dental clinic offers dental bridges, conventional prostheses, implants, dental crowns. We use fixed and removable prostheses, and we arrange everything individually with the patient.
In addition to the above, we also offer dental veneers.

We recommend dental crowns to patients who have a severely damaged tooth or teeth whose structure is severely damaged. With the help of a dental crown, the function of the tooth is restored, and the dental crown can last for over 10 years.

A dental bridge is recommended for patients who are missing one or more teeth, and the installation of a dental bridge requires treatment of adjacent teeth so that dental crowns can be placed.
A dental bridge as well as dental crowns can be made of ceramic, zirconium and metal-ceramic variants.

Dental prostheses are recommended for patients who lack more teeth.
Dentures are made of acrylic or ceramic.

Dental veneers are used mainly as an aesthetic solution and are made of ceramics.

During the prosthetics manufacturing process, the patient receives temporary prosthetics.

Dental Veneers Bucharest

Thin layer of porcelain with a thickness of only 2 mm that is placed on the surface of the teeth and with the help of which excellent aesthetic results are achieved.

Veneers placement treatment consists of diagnosis and examination at the dentist, minimal tooth preparation and veneer placement.


Simple Tooth Extraction / from 30 Euros /
Surgical Tooth Extraction / 150 Euros /
Temporary Crown On Implant / 100 Euros /
Zirconium Crown / 300 Euros /
Dental Implant / 500 – 700 Euros /