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Dentist Kavaje Albania

Dental clinic Kavaje Albania is providing a full range of dental procedures using high quality materials and well known brands.
To each patient we are approaching on individual basis.
Treatments provided in our clinic are respecting international protocols, results are long lasting and natural looking.
Dental Team in Dental Clinic Kavaje Albania is highly experienced in providing best possible treatments, up to date with a newest techniques.

Services Klinika Dentare Kavaje

Dental Implants
General Dentistry
Hygiene Treatments
Oral Surgery
Endodontics ( Root Canal Treatment )
Periodontics ( Gum Treatments )
Aesthetic Dentistry
Prosthetics ( Crowns, Bridges, Dentures )

Price Dental Clinic Kavaje Albania

Composite Filling price is 30 EUR / Extraction Simple price is 20 EUR / Price per tooth
Extraction / surgical / impacted / Price per tooth 80 EUR
Teeth Whitening price is 130 EUR / Upper and lower teeth
Regular teeth cleaning price is 25 EUR / Upper and lower teeth
Composite veneer price is 60 EUR / Price per unit
Deep cleaning scalling / per quadrant / Price is 30 EUR

Crowns / Veneers
Metal Ceramic Crown price is 100 EUR / Price per unit
Ceramic crown price is 250 EUR / Price per unit
Porcelain veneer price is 350 EUR / Price per unit
Zirconia crown price is 250 EUR / Price per unit
Temporary crown / veneer price is 30 EUR / Price per unit

Full Denture price is 400 EUR / Upper or lower teeth
Partial Denture price is 150 EUR

Prestige Dental Kavaje Implant Procedures

Dental Implant ( implant only ) price is 500 EUR / Price per unit
Sinus lifting price is from 250 up to 500 EUR
“All on Four” System / 14 titanium ceramic crowns / price is 3.400 EUR
“All on Six” System / 14 titanium ceramic crowns / price is 4.400 EUR
Bone graft / large / price is 600 EUR
Bone graft / small / price is 300 EUR
Root Canal Treatment price is from 50 up to 80 EUR

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