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About Us
Astra Dent clinics chain is a leader at the market and provides a full range of services in the field of dental treatment.
Our main goal in to the highest service level and satisfaction of the most sophisticated clients.
We follow these principles in all activities of the company from selection of highly -skilled doctors to election of the latest equipment for clinics.
Professional level of Astra Dent’s team is confirmed by multiple comments of our clients who not only select us for treatment of their teeth but also recommend us to their friends.
Strong points of Astra Dent:

  • Full complex of dental services. We can solve any complex task in treatment of teeth.
  • Highly qualified doctors. Doctors of our clinics improve their skills regularly, visiting differentconferences and taking practical trainings in Ukraine and abroad.
  • All Astra Dent clinics are fitted with latest equipment, made by Sirona (Simens) and use high-quality materials of such leading manufacturers as Dentsply, 3M, EMS.
  • Kindliness of Astra Dent ensures conformable and pleasant atmosphere of treatment.
  • Family dentistry. All clinics use special programs, developed for entire family.
  • Convenient location.

8 Astra Dent clinics are located in different districts of Kiev. This allows our patients to visit the most convenient clinics and select the most suitable time for treatment – over 100 doctors of different specialization work in the chain.
In Astra Dent we want to make your visit to the dentist as efficient as possible.
In our clinic you could receive free consultation, where the expert will diagnose your problem and will give you all the needed information. The dentist will choose special treatment program that will perfectly suit you. It won’t be based only on individual characteristics of your body and your disease. Your financial resources will be also taken into account and this will not influence the quality of treatment. There is a wide variety of braces, mouth guards, implants, different dentures and filling materials. It allows you to choose the best appliance suitable for you incharacteristics and price. In general, the price varies greatly depending on the aesthetic characteristics of the appliance. People often try to hide the fact that they treat or restore their teeth and therefore they try to hide their dentures, braces and fillings. That’s why the bugel dentures with microlocks, which are almost invisible, are more expensive than bugel dentures with clasps, and lingual braces are more expensive than vestibular braces.
Dental surgery
The dental implantation. Surgeon-dentist replaces the missing or damaged tooth with an artificial tooth that looks no different from its natural and have similar functions.
Cosmetic dental surgery. Aimed at improving the appearance of your smile. It, for example, includes procedures of veneers establishment, crowns treatment to match your own teeth, etc.
Removal of teeth that have not erupted. If the teeth grow in the wrong direction and can’t erupt through the gums, they can cause pain and deliver beslic problems the entire jaw system. In such cases, it is recommended to cut the gums and remove the tooth
Tooth loss causes a lot of negative consequences: poor food chewing process, facial structure change, discomfort. Dental implant – is the best method of tooth restoring.
Dental implants procedures in Kyiv are well developed and could be performed in various dental clinics. Our clinics are as good as European ones. Dental implants are the surgical components that interface with the bone of the jaw.
Dental implantation is the process of anchoring the dental implant into your jaw. This procedure is not painful. If manipulations are performed properly there won’t be any complications in future.
Dental implantation is considered to be a difficult procedure and even though good experts could perform it efficiently and safely, you still need to know some additional conditions: you need to have good oral hygiene, the preliminary dental examination that will help to detect diseases that may cause contraindications for implantation, X-ray examination which will help to see if the jaw bone is suitable for implantation.
If you still can’t choose what to use a removable denture or implant, let’s have a look at dental implants advantages and contraindications.
Advantages of dental implantation:
Dental implants are a long-term solution. They needn’t be replaced.
They look, feel, fit and function like natural teeth. You can eat anything you want.
Dental implants go in the jawbone, in the spot where your missing tooth root was, without impacting healthy teeth.
They can fully replace denture in case of entire row missing.
Teeth whitening Kiev actively provide this service, which pleases customers, because a white smile to himself and is a symbol of health
The desire to whiten teeth complicates the selection of a rich assortment of clinics that provide such services. Our clinic offers excellent dental professionals, modern equipment and proven medications. Our dentists will help you choose whitening method that best suits you. It is very important to know that teeth whitening procedure is quite individual. Considering various factors, the result of dental procedures may be different. At first consulting the physician will describe in detail how the effectiveness of the whitening procedure you expect.
Teeth whitening Kiev price varies and depends on the method that was used.
Do not forget that healthy teeth are an excellent complement your look and give confidence. This procedure is necessary even for children, as beautiful teeth can help prevent trauma when dealing with peers. We want to inform you that if you want to make teeth whitening the price for such services can make you happy. You need only to get acquainted with different methods.
Our clinic offers the best service of teeth whitening cost of which will be very loyal.
We offer you the most revolutionary treatment that will help you to gain a better smile. Just like a film star!
Orthodontics Treatments
The pleasure of a beautiful smile is now more accessible, thanks to orthodontic treatment Astra Dent. We guarantee the aesthetics during and after treatment.
Astra dent offers you the most advanced orthodontic treatment:
Sapphire orthodontics
The latest development in the technology of orthodontics are sapphire brackets: brackets are made from pure crystal, do not leave any stains on the teeth or on the braces. Simply to say, they are completely invisible!
Invisible orthodontics
The use of transparent splints for gradually correct the curvature of the teeth. Thus, no one will notice the healing process and it will not affect your image.
Ceramic orthodontics
In this case, the brackets are made of ceramic material, thus to match the natural tone of the tooth. If they are self-ligating, time of the treatment takes much less
Pediatric dentistry
In Astra Dent we offer you free preventive examination of children and comfortable treatment for the youngest member

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