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Dental Clinic Madrid VR

High quality dental clinic in Madrid
Our Clinic is specialised in dental aesthetics, advanced implantology, orthodontics, restorative cosmetics dentistry, prostheses, periodontics, oral surgery, sedation …
Technology with PRGF plasma rich in growth factors.
Anti-aging therapy with microfillers, with hyaluronic acid.
Clínic was founded in 2002.
We offer services of general dentistry, dental aesthetics and whitening, implants, children’s dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, fixed and removable prostheses.
We use biocompatible and scientifically proven materials, thus offering a service with the most rigorous quality sanitary controls. In our clinic you can get best quality fixed and removable prosthesis.
We care about both the personalized attention and the comfort of our patients.

Implants allow to improve aesthetics and functionality of the oral area, return the smile and ability to eat. They are a titanium structure in the form of a screw that are inserted into the bone and which support the artificial teeth.
Dental aesthetics and whitening
Dental whitening is a treatment that recovers the natural tone of the teeth, leaving them whiter and brighter. In our clinic we use high quality economical whitening method..
We also have other treatments for dental aesthetics such as crowns, porcelain veneers and zirconium bridges.
Dental hygiene
The best way to have healthy teeth is good dental hygiene.
The correct brushing 3 times a day, the use of floss and the dental cleanings will achieve a perfect oral and dental hygiene.
In our clinic you can get professional cleaning.
It is a disease that affects the gums.
The condition is deteriorating the tissues that support the teeth and in the most advanced phase may involve the loss of the tooth.
Child Dentistry and Orthodontics
In dental clinic Reina Victoria we care about the smallest, we carry out all types of dentistry and orthodontic treatments for children.
Our goal is prevention and education in oral hygiene habits.
Digital Dental Radiology
In our clinic we have the most advanced equipment on the market, an orthopantomograph and intraoral radiography, fully digital to reduce the radiation.

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