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About Us
Our goal is to achieve the smile you desire by offering you the best cost-effective dental treatments.
We know its different coming from another country and would love for you to feel comfortable like its your own home.
The best technology and facilities are waiting for you with painless & relaxing treatment to help you.
Save more then 40 % on your dental treatment.
We have a team of over 15 professional and fully qualified dentists.
We have state of the art systems and equipment as well as our own on site lab.
Our digital technologies allow us to ensure our patients receive the best possible treatment under the most comfortable of circumstances.

  • Optical Scanners
  • Cone Beam CT
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Intra-Oral Camera
  • Dental Lasers
  • Laser Teeth Whitening
  • TekScan (T-Scan)
  • Plasma Rich in Growth Factor
  • Photo Session

Dr Eduardo Crooke
Dr Eduardo Crooke is a leading expert in implantology with an impeccable reputation both in Spain and the UK. The latest techniques have lead our team to be specialist in Digital Zirconium Smile, the strongest and most natural looking material for long lasting results.
The digital work protocol applied to all his patients enables him to take a comprehensive approach at each case in a 360 degree angle, understanding facial and dental needs, taking into consideration every detail that can affect the end result. From gum disease to boneless patients, Dr Eduardo Crooke has develop a solution for every complex case.
Dr Eduardo Crooke has had exclusive dedication to the implantology field for 15 years. He is registered with the General Dental Council in the UK and runs a monthly clinic devoted exclusively to dental implants in Scotland, as well as his two clinics in Malaga and Marbella.
These clinics are a national and international point of reference and regularly attends courses to stay abreast of all the latest developments in implantology and reconstructive dentistry.

Dental Implants
We are specialised in Full Arch and Single Implants
Our dentists are highly experienced with dental implants and use the latest techniques and materials
An implant is a prefabricated titanium root which is placed where there are no teeth. It replaces the natural tooth root.
An implant is a long lasting solution to missing teeth that can transform your smile into the one you always wanted.
It formed by a prefabricated titanium root, which is placed where there are no teeth.
It replaces the natural tooth root.
It is important to replace even single missing teeth as bigger problems can arise in future

  • Full Mouth Reconstrucion
    This treatment consists of the placement of 6 to 10 implants, both for the upper and lower arches (ALL ON SIX / ALL ON SIX PLUS)
  • Single & Bridge Implants
    Bridge Implants
    Depending on the bone, which we will see when doing the CT scan and the area that needs to be rehabilitated, it will be possible to place fewer implants to fill in the missing teeth. When there is enough bone two long implants are used to replace 3 missing teeth.
    For example, in the anterior (incisor and canine) areas, two implants can be used to replace three or four teeth. However, in the posterior (molar) areas, which has the most mastication force, a greater number of implants are preferabley used. For example, three implants for four teeth or three implants for three teeth, always taking into account the available length and bone volume
    Single Implant
    When we are missing a single tooth the best option is to place a dental implant as it helps maintains the bone. We do not touch the neighboring teeth that is next to the missing tooth and it is easier to clean than a standard conventional bridge.
  • Digital Zirconium Smile
    Our dental implants are Nobel Biocare, the leading company in the world with extensive research background and our crowns or full arch restorations are made with a solid block of monolithic zirconia, the best material on the market today in prosthodontics. Zirconia does not chip or fracture, it has high resistance and stability and it’s very easy to clean because of the non-porosity of its surface. It is the material that best simulates the natural tooth.
    We are able to show you the result before we start treatment and you can decide with the help of our team of experts a smile that would make you happy and it’s the right one for you.
    Our digital zirconia smile is anchored in 6 to 8 dental implants and it never needs to be taken out. It is a very long lasting solution not only thanks to its materials and the expertise of our specialists but because of the weak point’s simulation software that all of our digital zirconia smile solutions go through.
    In most cases we are able to place the whole set of teeth immediately after dental implant surgery. The material of this set of teeth isn’t zirconia, its PMMA. This immediate functionality with fixed teeth adds comfort for the patient during the bone integration period of at least three months. The final digital zirconia smile will be ready after this integration has finished making this solution a 2 visit dental treatment.
  • Gum Disease
    We have solutions for all stages of gum disease.
  • Cosmetic Treatments

One Day Veneers
This technique involves placing the veneers in a dental arch which allows us to fit 6 to 10 veneers at once.
10 veneers can be placed in less than 60 mins and in just 2 visits, perfect for the Hollywood smile you have always wanted!
This procedure is completely pain-free and minimally invasive; there is no post placement discomfort or sensitivity. It is the perfect solution to reshape and permanently whiten your teeth. It is mostly used for people that do not want to go through orthodontics time intensive process always after an evaluation by your dentist
Facial Aesthetics Treatment
At Dental Treatment in Spain we work with the latest technique for minimally invasive surgery and fast recovery of our patients.
We use the treatment to soften and reduce wrinkles or reduce the appearance of blemishes and unsightly veins.
Digital Smile Design (DSD)
The DSD is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding patient, who can preview the treatment that we are going to make in his mouth and suggest the desired modifications.

Initial Examination/Consultation FREE
Single X-Ray (bitewing or periapical) FREE
Panoramic X-Rays FREE
CT Scan/3D X-ray FREE
Computer Implant Study FREE
Digital impressions FREE
Conservative Dentistry
Simple filling 50€
Big reconstruction filling 80€
Simple extraction 60€
Complex extraction 80€
Root canal from 180€
Cleaning 50€
Scaling and polish 60€ per cuadrant
Cosmetic Dentistry
Porcelain emax crown 450€
Temporary crown 50€
Digital Smile Design (Mock Up) 250€
Zoom tooth whitening 300€
Special surgeries and dental implants
One single implant (Nobel BioCare and Straumman-10 year guarantee) 800€
Porcelain crown over implant 500€
Zirconium crown over implant 600€
Gum graft (periodontal) 350€
Painless dental treatment
Gas sedation FREE
Local anesthetic FREE

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