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Dental Cleaning / Oral Diagnosis / Best Price /
Cleaning of dental plaque and tartar with ultrasonic device / electric pressure water jet and ultrasonic vibration /. Device removes stains and polishes the teeth. Application of fluoride in foam or gel to strengthen the teeth. Bite flap and x ray radiographs for the detection of dental caries. Clinical evaluation of each dental piece and gums through led lights for caries detection.

Dental Surgery Mexico / Best Price /

Treatment of all types of dental caries, which are sealed with porcelain resins or ceramic restorations made by computer. / Cerec / inlays / crowns / veneers / ceramic bridges /. Free of metal.

Root Canal / Best Price /

Oral Surgery / Best Price /
All types of normal and complex tooth extraction. / Placement of dental implants / artificial titanium roots / jaw surgery / preparation of difficult cases in combination with orthodontic treatment / Placement of bone graft where there is no bone / Elevation of sinus / Placement of collagen membrane / gingiva grafts /

Gum Treatments / Best Price /
Treatment of the tissues surrounding the tooth. Deep cleaning to eliminate deposits of tartar and bacteria. Placement of bone graft / collagen membrane / gingiva grafts / dental implants /.

Orthodontics / Best Price /
Alignment of teeth with metallic and aesthetic ceramic brackets. Treatment restore a correct function and dental aesthetics of the teeth and jaw.

Restorative / Aesthetic Dentistry / Best Price /
Smile design is used to reconstruct damaged teeth through aesthetic materials such as dental porcelain. For dental prostheses we use / metal free crowns / inlays / veneers / bridges / to replace various dental pieces.
All restorations are done with Cerec system.

Teeth Whitening Dental Clinic Mexico City / Best Price /

All types of teeth whitening. In dental office in 1 or 2 sessions with led light lamps. At home with special products.

Medical facilities and equipment
We have first class facilities for your comfort while you wait for your treatment. Our dental teams follows strict protocols. In each dental unit a sterile water system is used for each dental treatment. We also have a high quality system in terms of sterilization of the instruments used for each patient.

Medical staff of Dental Clinic Mexico City
We have highly qualified specialists for any dental need. Oral surgeons / orthodontists / endodontists / dental technicians / dental laboratory / We are specialists in fixed prostheses and total prosthodontics. Best technology such as the system for making individual and partial dentures of ceramic by computer / Cerec, German technology /

Payment systems
We accept / credit cards / debit cards / Visa / Masterdcard / American Express.

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