Dental Clinic Monza Sorriso

About Us
Dental Studio Sorriso & Salute is a state-of-the-art dental clinic which has been operating in Monza since 2003.
Our Center deals with a range of treatments such as smile aesthetic treatments, endoral radiology, dental prevention, prosthetic rehabilitation, oral surgery, fixed and mobile orthodonticsand invisible orthodontics, implantology and pedodontics.
Patients in our dental studio are treated by experienced professionals.
We are using the best materials and the most modern techniques.


  • Implantology
    Replacement of dental roots by titanium implants. We use the Flapless technique when there are indications, which allows you to intervene without stitches, bruises, and swelling, with an operation that requires 15 to 20 minutes.
    The advantages of this practice are linked to the excellent functional result, similar to the natural one. With this treatment it is not necessary to prepare the adjacent teeth and the surrounding bone is preserved and stored. Our techniques provide a harmonious natural looking result, respecting the anatomyof the mouth.
  • Oral Hygiene Treatments
    Oral hygiene is the basis of all the procedures carried out at our center.
    In our studio you will find an experienced and friendly staff, able to provide best oral hygiene treatments and advise the patient how to perform an accurate prevention of the most common pathologies.
  • Dental Prosthesis
    Implants Prosthesis
  • Conservative Dentistry
  • Aesthetic Dentistry
    Teeth Whitening
  • Periodontology
  • Orthodontics
    Invisible Technique
  • Oral surgery
    Extractions ( simple and surgical extractions )
    Endodontic surgery
    Surgery of cystic
    Orthodontic surgery: disinclusion interventions carried out in order to improve the alignment of the teeth.
    Pre-prosthetic surgery: interventions aimed at optimizing, eliminating and correcting gingival and bone abnormalities before proceeding with the installation of the fixed or mobile prosthesis.
    Mucogingival surgery: treatments of recession and gingival blemishes.
    Advanced reconstructive and regenerative oral surgery: it involves the use of techniques and instruments aimed at maintaining and preventing bone loss in those subjects in a situation of bone atrophy. We also perform interventions in order to reconstruct or regenerate the losses of the maxillary bone.
  • Endodontics
  • Gnathology
  • Pediatric Dentistry

Composite Filling EUR 120
Extraction Simple EUR 120
Extraction (surgical/impacted ) EUR 250
Porcelain inlay/onlay EUR 450
Teeth Whitening EUR 400
Regular teeth cleaning EUR 100
Composite veneer EUR 600
Deep cleaning scalling (per quadrant )EUR 200
Crowns / Veneers
Porcelain crown EUR 700
Porcelain veneer EUR 800
Zirconia crown EUR 700
Temporary crown/veneer EUR 150

Full Denture EUR 2000
Partial Denture EUR 1500
Implant Procedures
Dental Implant (implant only)EUR 1100
Sinus lifting EUR 2000
“All on Four” System EUR 8000 (COMPRESO impianti)
“All on Six” System EUR 10.000 (COMPRESO impianti)
Bone graft (large) EUR 1500
Bone graft (small) EUR 1000

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