Dental Clinic Playacar Sani

Dental Clinic in Playacar

Dental Clinic Playacar Sani is one of the largest dental groups in Mexico. Established in 1985, it has grown from a 2 chair clinic in Mexico to a group with more than 30 dentists with three clinics in two different locations. Our team of specialists are graduates from the best universities in Mexico, and they have taken courses in several prestigious institutions, including Harvard School of Dental Medicine, International Center of Laser Education, and BHI Implant Factory in Israel.

Dental Tourism Playa Del Carmen
Dental Tourism has become the new way for North American,Canadian and European citizens to take care of their dental needs. One of the biggest advantages and main reasons why people are choosing a dental clinic in Mexico is because of its very affordable prices.
Sani Dental Group is committed to patients’ well-being providing you the best attention and helping during your complete dental vacation experience. Offering the best dental work in Mexico is just part of our job. By visiting a dental clinic in Mexico, you are not only saving thousands of dollars, but you are also traveling, relaxing, and creating a brighter future with a new functional smile.

Cancun Riviera Dentists

Surrounded by the blue Caribbean Sea, a resort full of nature makes Cancun the perfect tourist destination that receives the most visitors in the country. At Sani Dental Group, patients can expect to have different specialists suited to their specific case.
Patients receive attentive care in the most relaxing environment where they can feel comfortable expressing their doubts and questions throughout the procedure.

What to expect from Dental work In Mexico
You’ll be amazed by Sani Dental Group’s quality standards, which are not compromised by our affordable prices. Sani Dental Group dentists received training in the best schools in Mexico and the US, such as Harvard and Loma Linda. You’ll be in the best hands.
During your visit to our dental clinic in Mexico, you’ll have the opportunity to know people from around the world who are also looking for a unique dental experience in this beautiful country. So get ready to come back home with not only a new smile but with new friends.

Dental Clinic Playacar Sani

Playacar is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy the warmest sun, the crystalline waters, and natural environments while receiving dental work by the best dentist in Cancun.
120 kilometer long, located in southeastern Mexico, an exclusive area where patients can enjoy their dental trip like nowhere else.
Our dental clinic is located within one of the most exclusive buildings in Playacar. It is very easy to reach the clinic from the airport, just 58.4 km from the Cancun International Airport.

Transportation to Dental Clinic Playacar Sani
For all of our patients, we provide a safe, comfortable, and affordable shuttle service arranged to and from the Cancun International Airport to our clinic. Travelers can decide if they want to travel solo or to shared ride with another traveler friend.
If the patient decides to take advantage of this service, it will only be necessary to call us 48 hours before their appointment to schedule their vehicle.

Price list of Dental Clinic Playacar Sani

Regular teeth cleaning / 35 USD /
Deep Cleaning, Full Mouth / closed curretage / 240 USD /
Laser Cleaning / 190 USD /
Laser Teeth Whitening / 200 USD /
Teeth Whitening, in office / 170 USD /
Teeth Whitening, take home kit / 150 USD /
Composite Filling / 45 USD /
Extraction / simple / 48 USD /
Extraction / Surgical or impacted / starting at 80 USD /
Wisdom Tooth Extraction / 180 USD /
LANAP / per quadrant / 190 USD /

Crowns / Veneers
All Metal Crown / 120 USD /
Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown / 180 USD /
Porcelain Fused to Metal Bridge / Each crown 180 USD / Porcelain Fused to Gold Crown from 600 USD /
Full Porcelain / Ceramic Crown / 340 USD /
Zirconia Crown / 450 USD /
Porcelain Veneer / 350 USD /
Temporary Crown / long term use / 25 USD /
Night Guard / 85 USD /

Partial Denture, Metal Frame / 480 USD /
Partial Denture, Flexible Frame / 480 USD /
Semi Denture Acrylic Frame / 170 USD /
Temporary Partial Denture / 170 USD /
Full Denture, Immediate or healing / upper or lower / 250 USD /
Full Denture, Acrylic teeth / upper or lower / 250 USD /
Complete Denture, Porcelain Teeth / upper or lower / 350 USD /
Full Dentures, Composite Teeth /upper or lower / 350 USD /

Dental Implants in Dental Clinic Playacar Sani

Standard Titanium Dental Implant BHI Shark / starting at 790 USD /
Titanium Dental Implant MIS / 890 USD /
Titanium Implant Nobel Biocare Active / 1.200 USD /
Dental Implant Straumann SLA / 1.290 USD /
Ceramic Dental Implant Straumann / 1.390 USD /
Standard Implant Crown / including abutment / starting at 670 USD /
Standard Implant Crown Strauman / 700 USD /
Bone graft / per unit / 400 USD /
Sinus Lifting / 700 – 1.190 USD /
Implant Supported Overdenture, removable / with 2 implants / 2.830 USD /
Implant Supported Overdenture, removable / with 3 implants / 4.070 USD /
“All on Four” System Nobel with Acrylic Hybrid Fixed Denture / upper arch or lower arch / 9.350 USD /
Implants “All on Four” System Mis with Acrylic Hybrid Fixed Denture / upper arch or lower arch / 8.110 USD /
“All on Six” System with Nobel Biocare Implants / upper arch or lower arch / 11.280 USD /
“All on Six” System with MIS Implants / upper or lower arch / 9.990 USD /
Full Zirconia Dent / Prettau Plate With MIS Implants / 11.210 USD /
“All on 4” System Nobel / prettau zirconia plate / 12.050 USD /
Temporary Partial Denture / 170 USD /

Initial Examination / Consultation / FREE /
Single X Ray / 20 USD /
Panoramic X Rays / 60 USD /
CT Scan / Panoramic X ray / 150 USD /

Local Anesthetics / FREE /
IV Sedation / by anesthesiologist / 600 USD /

Root Canal Price Playa Del Carmen

Root Canal / any tooth / 220 USD /
Post / Core Build Up / 95 USD /
Root Canal Retreatment / any tooth / 250 USD /
Laser Root Canal Treatment / 295 USD /


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