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Dental Clinic Sabadell Spain

Dr. Dimitri Naumov
Dr. Dimitri Naumov graduated in 1984 as Doctor of Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of Moscow in the specialty of Medical-Stomatologist.
He continued his training as orthodontist in Roth / Williams Foundation of San Francisco, California (USA). In 1987 he received the recognition of Russian Doctor of Medicine to Spanish dental degree, joining the Official Col·legi d’Odontòlegs de Catalunya.
Dr. Naumov opened in 1995 Naumoff Clinic Sabadell.
Dr. Naumov specialties have always been orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry and micro-implants, hence created five years ago DentAesthetic Corporation, also in Sabadell, specializing in cosmetic dental treatments, orthodontics, dental implants, dentures and teeth whitening center.
Dr. Naumov has been able to collaborate with the best professionals in dentistry and maxillo-facial surgery in Barcelona,

• Dental veneers
• SNAP-ON-Smile, Smile Without Pain
• Invisible Orthodontics
• Immediate and minimally invasive: Dental implants.
• Dental implants
• Endodontics
• Periodontics
• Dentures
• Orthodontic micro-implants
• LED teeth whitening
• Teeth whitening in one hour
• Orthodontics
• Esthetic dentistry

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