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About Us
Modern clinic for aesthetic dentistry and dental implantology. We offer dental prosthetic procedures and aesthetic teeth restorations, as well as therapeutic and endodontic treatments. All of these procedures are carried out using advanced digital dental technologies.
We also offer orthodontic services, professional oral hygiene, teeth whitening and children’s dental treatment.
More than 1000 patients from different countries visit our clinic every year. Our team of qualified physicians uses the newest digital equipment and advanced technologies to ensure high quality services, while our schedule is flexible to enable us to offer immediate professional dental treatment.
The use of modern dental equipment allows us to offer different services – from minor aesthetic corrections and dental hygiene to prosthetic surgical procedures – and also reduces the duration and costs of the treatment.

  • Modern laboratory
    Our modern digital laboratory for the production of teeth restorations is situated in the clinic, equipped with the fastest new, convenient and precise CEREC system for the restoration of damaged teeth and a 3D scanner.
  • Advanced technologies
    For advanced diagnostics we use technologies such as digital 3D X-rays and an intra-oral scanner. For thorough surgical treatment, as well as fast and accurate dental implantations without any gum cutting, we use 3D printed surgical guides.
  • Shorter treatment time
    For our dental prosthetic procedures, we use a system that allows us to produce the missing part of the tooth within minutes. Thus, depending on the severity of the case, a dental prosthetic procedure may be performed in just one or two visits.
  • High qualifications
    The physicians working in our clinic continuously participate in professional training programmes and have been recognised for their high level of professional qualifications. Therefore, they are able to use the most advanced treatment technologies.

We specialise in immediate and professional dental treatment. You may have your teeth treated during a weekend or a one week holiday spent in Lithuania. This is a splendid alternative if you do not have the opportunity to stay for longer, as the technologies we use enable us to complete high quality treatments precisely and in a short period of time
For us, communication between the patient, the dentist and the clinic staff is very important.
Before scheduling a visit to our clinic, you can contact our team using the means that are most convenient to you to receive answers to all of your questions.
If you are travelling to our clinic from another country, we will offer an exclusive treatment schedule for you by considering the complexity of your case and the required type of procedure. It is possible that just one visit could be enough for the treatment.
For patients arriving from abroad we offer transportation from and to the airport and accommodation services. A driver can meet you at the airport on your arrival and can drive you to our clinic.
We can also take care of your accommodation with the aim of ensuring comfort during your visit.

Dental Implants

  • Implant of a single tooth – an individual implant can be attached for patients who are missing a single tooth. This implant will work the same as a natural tooth when a crown is mounted on top.
  • Bridge supported by implants – traditional bridges are mounted in certain places when several neighbouring teeth are missing. A bridge supported by implants can be mounted directly in the gap, while at the same time keeping any marginal teeth that remain next to the gap safe and healthy.
  • Dental prosthesis supported by implants – this is an alternative to removable dentures. Full or partial dentures will be mounted on the heads of several implants. Patient will no longer experience any troubles associated with dentures falling out while speaking or eating. Dentures supported by implants will improve the patient’s smile and require less repairs than traditional dentures.

Stages of teeth implantation

  • During the first visit, an analysis of the implantation site is carried out using 3D X-ray images and an intra-oral scan of the jaw. By considering the pre-existing bone characteristics, a surgical implantation guide is modelled and printed by a 3D printer, which allows the physician to carry out the implantation without cutting the gums.
  • During the second visit (it can be scheduled for the next day) an implant is screwed into the bone of the upper or lower jaw that will serve as a support for the tooth restoration. The implant is left for 2-4 months to completely integrate with the bone.
  • During the third visit (after 2-4 months) a digital scan of the implant position is carried out. This is required for the production of a dental crown that will not differ from your own teeth in terms of its colour, shape and size.
  • During the fourth visit, once the implant has firmly bonded with the bone, a dental crown, bridge or denture is mounted on top.

Crown and bridge work
Dental restorations from metal-free ceramics
The highest quality, long lasting and precise accuracy and ideal aesthetics – these are the aims of the dental restorations produced by the CEREC dental restoration system. There is no metal in your mouth, no artificial effects and no long, tiring visits to the dentist’s office – just a single procedure and you can enjoy your perfect smile again!
Biomaterials that match the natural teeth structure and colour are used for the restorations, allowing us to restore our clients’ teeth to their natural strength, beauty and functionality.
One visit is often enough for us to restore from one to four teeth. Onlays, crowns, laminates and bridges are all produced in our clinic, so temporary crowns are usually not required. Anaesthesia is only used once and a high precision and shape is ensured by the use of advanced software.
For prosthetic treatments, our clinic uses full ceramic dental restorations and metal ceramics, as well as removable plastic dentures of different constructions. The metal frame in a metal ceramic crown is replaced by zirconium. If a restoration of this type is chosen, a metal shade or bluish gums surrounding the crown will be avoided.
Our modern technologies enable us to achieve the highest aesthetic standards. The CEREC system offers a splendid opportunity to reduce both the costs of oral treatment and, most importantly, the time spent in a dentist’s chair

Aesthetic Dental Fillings

Teeth Whitening
The duration of the teeth whitening procedure is about 1 hour.
The gums are isolated by applying a protective layer of liquid rubber.
The tooth surface is covered with a whitening substance that is regularly renewed and is maintained for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Coloured food products and drinks should be avoided for two days after the procedure
Endodontics ( Root Canal Treatments )
Professional Oral Hygiene
A procedure takes about 30 minutes. The duration of the procedure depends on the condition of the patient’s oral health, the amount of dental plaque, and additional procedures as anaesthesia or the application of fluoride products, as well as on the patient’s general health and well-being. A prophylactic examination is carried out before the procedure to assess the general condition of the mouth and teeth.
The first stage involves the removal of hard plaque using a modern ultrasonic scaler. The second stage is the removal of soft tartar and pigment (nicotine, coffee, tea) coverings by applying a solution of soda (calcium carbonate) particles combined with water and pressurised air. Special instruments and polishing powders are used for the areas around implants. The teeth and fillings are polished at the end of the procedure.

Orthodontic Treatments

Children’s Dentistry

Consultation 15€
Anaesthesia 8€
Dental X-ray 8€
Panoramic X-ray 30€
Composite filling (small) 50€
Composite filling (medium) 60€
Composite filling (large) 70€
Temporary filling 30€
Dental sealant 20€
Dental implant price
Tooth extraction 70-150€
Incision 40€
Titanium tooth implant 580€
Mini-implant (for the fixation of a removable prosthesis) 300€
Healing head 30€
Abutment for an implant 170€
Individual abutment for an implant 220€
Gum plastics (for a single tooth) 30€
Resection of the top of the root 180€
Artificial bone 200€
Sinus lift 650€

Dental prosthesis price
Metal ceramic crowns 220€
CEREC metal-free ceramics for molars 350€
CEREC metal-free ceramics for front teeth 400€
Zirconium-based metal-free ceramic 350-400€
Temporary crown 40€
Temporary crown produced with CEREC 80€
Complete single jaw denture 360€
Partial denture 160€
Hook insertion into a denture 40€
Denture gluing 40€
Denture base relining 60€
Insertion of a single tooth into a denture 40€
Arch supported prosthesis 650€
Lock (for an arch supported prosthesis) 120€
Arch supported prosthesis 650€
A lock – round-shaped fixation 160€
Metal core build-up post 90€
Glass fibre post 90€
Impression (silicone) 30€
Impression (alginate) 15€
Miorelaxing splint 100-300€
Cementing a crown 25€
Removing a crown 25€
Changing a silicone sheath 25€
Building up a crown from a filling 140€

Orthodontic treatment price
Consultation 15€
Treatment plan with clear aligners 160€
Clear orthodontic aligner 85€

Children’s dentistry price
Dental sealant 20€
Filling a milk tooth 40€
1 hour work with a child 50€
Aesthetic dental fillings price
Aesthetic tooth filling 80-150€

Endodontic treatment price
Cleaning of a dental root canal and the introduction of medicines (half of the work) 35€
Filling of a dental root canal with gutta-percha (half of the work) 35€
Re-treatment of a dental root, cleaning of a calcified canal and the introduction of medicines (half of the work) 45€
Change of medicines in a dental root canal 20€
Temporary filling 30€
Application of devitalising medicines 35€
Professional oral hygiene price
Professional oral hygiene 60-75€

Teeth whitening price
Teeth whitening in a dentist’s office 190€
Teeth whitening at home – a whitening splint for one jaw 90€
Internal teeth whitening 80€
Whitening gel (1 syringe) 40€

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