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About Us
Dentoclínic is located in Barcelona, Spain.
At one place you can get all sorts of dental treatments performed by experienced doctors and a best technology.
The spaciousness of the clinic and the advanced equipment will make you feel relaxed.
Our Dental Clinic is established 35 years ago. Since then we are the choice of thousands of patients giving them healthy and beautiful smile.
Our dental clinic stands out for its excellent professionals, for its constant innovation and for sharing its knowledge.
In addition, Dentoclinic is an RNO research and training center with wide recognition at European level.
We have our own laboratory, to make bridges, crowns, prostheses and different orthodontic appliances.
Close collaboration with the laboratory technicians is essential.
The exchange of ideas is constant and direct, to achieve the greatest benefit for the patients.
We offer personalized and professional care. During the consultations in case of any dental problem we will provide detailed treatment and financial plan.
We perform all the required diagnostic tests and, after evaluating the different possibilities, we propose the best solution for the treatment.

The dental implant is a medical device designed to replace the missing root and keep the artificial tooth in place. It usually has a threaded shape and is made of biocompatible materials that do not produce a rejection reaction and allow its union with bone. The surface of the implant can have different textures and coatings, commonly used to increase its adhesion to bone (osseointegration if it is titanium and biointegration if it is a ceramic material).
In some cases, there are patients who, due to various circumstances, may need a complete rehabilitation of the entire dental arch. In this case, the extraction of the remaining teeth or prostheses can be performed and in the same session surgery is performed for the placement of the implants and a temporary prosthesis of immediate load. This prevents the patient from having to spend a few months with removable elements or with absences of teeth that affect aesthetics the way of life.
In any case, the key for the success of an implant rehabilitation is a good planning and the use of the best material.
We use Nobel Biocare implants and the best bioregenerative materials.

Aesthetic dentistry
Techniques such as orthodontics, teeth whitening or veneers.
Nowadays, it is possible to do everything from a simple tooth whitening to the complete replacement of all teeth using implant techniques.

Conservative dentistry
Craniomandibular dysfunction
Pediatric Dentistry

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