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About us
Clinic is equipped with the high standards of the latest dental technologies, but our main emphasis is devoted to our doctors. Our professionals do not only have remarkable experience, but will be glad to communicate with you in your language – English, Spanish, Russian and German.
We offer a full range of services of modern dentistry: diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic, surgical dentistry, dental implants, all kinds of prosthetics (crowns, veneers, removable prothesis), the installation of modern bracket systems. Diagnosis is made on CT scan (3D) , which is necessary for implantation and other surgeries and procedures. The newest equipment allows us to work with the most complicated cases in prosthetics and treatment of malocclusion.
In our clinics you will find the most delicate and individual approach starting with the precise diagnosis and continuing with the “smart” treatment plan. We will assure you, that we are able to find the adequate solution for all your questions and it will be you, who decide upon your treatment options – from simple, qualitative, but not so expensive to most complicated and luxurious.

• Implantology
• Prosthetics
• Therapeutic Dentistry
• Orthodontics
• Surgery

Nowadays the implantation is the only way to restore the integrity of the dentition without prejudice to the other teeth.
In many cases implant placement relieves the patient from the removable dentures, improving the quality of life.
Dental implant is replacing the lost tooth root with titanium screw. Titanium is hardwearing, biocompatible and hypoallergenic material, which does not affect the bone and soft tissues of the oral cavity.
The bone tissues grow into the porous surface of the titanium implant, occurs full integration and there is a great opportunity to regain the crown of the tooth with the most aesthetic and durable materials.
Professionals with extensive experience will make the correct survey, good planning and they will do absolutely painless surgery.

Restoration of the dentition, missing teeth, function of your occlusion, smile aesthetics with the latest world technologies and materials. Design development of your smile digitally and actually in the mouth.

Types of prosthesis:
• various types of crowns and bridges (metal-ceramic, ceramic, zirconium oxide)
• veneers (aesthetic ceramic coating)
• removable dentures (plates, clasps, conditionally removable dentures)
• temporary prosthesis
• dentures on implants

Our professionals will select the type of prosthesis, which appropriate to health of patient, his nature and requirements.

Therapeutic Dentistry
For effective and rapid treatment of caries and it´s complications – pulpitis and periodontitis, in our clinic we use the most current treatment methods and innovative materials. Proper diagnosis and a developed treatment plan allows competently carry out the subsequent orthodontic treatment, orthodontics, implantation.

Our specialists will help you to:
• cure tooth decay
• fill the root canals with the latest materials and instuments
• restore teeth with composite materials and ceramics
• do whitening of your smile
• make professional hygiene (removing of plaque and tartar)
• design your future smile

In our work we use well-researched methodologies and standards.

Treatment of malocclusion for children and adults, improving aesthetics and gingival health.
Modern orthodontic treatment can help you and your children to avoid many problems related to oral health and to get a beautiful smile with minimal interference.
Orthodontist from Germany with big clinical experience will consult you, will conduct all necessary diagnostics and will work out an individual treatment plan required.

We have access to all types of instruments:
• brackets – (ceramic and metal)
• functional devices (removable, non-removable and combined)
• aligners (Invisalign)
• retainers

It includes various treatments:
• surgery for the preservation and removing of teeth, including “wisdom” tooth surgery.
• hard and soft tissues menegment, preparation for dental implants,
We pay much attention to do surgery minimally invasive does not injure the bone and soft tissues, as this is very important for subsequent implantation.
Our surgeons take care of painless and orderly conduct of operations.

As in any other field of medicine, the best treatment of the disease is prevention. In dentistry, there is also disease prevention – oral hygiene.
This area deals with issues such as prevention of dental caries, periodontal disease and oral mucous membrane.
In our clinic, we offer individual treatment for each patient, helping you identify your problem and choose the most productive ways to deal with them.
Very often the usual means offered in pharmacies, cannot meet the needs of hygiene required for each patient, as the total removal of plaque, tartar, etc. Well cared teeth and gums ensure good dental health and aesthetics.
We emphasize particularly on prevention and oral education of younger people, as it is very important to maintain good oral hygiene in smaller to avoid future illness and dental problems.

Price List
Consultation – FREE
Teeth Cleaning 50 EUR
Filling 60 – 80 EUR
Aesthetic Reconstruction 90 EUR
Root Canal 150 – 200 EUR
Implant 500 EUR
Crown over Implant 450 EUR
Removable Denture 2.800 EUR
Fixed Denture 3.500 EUR
Orthodontic therapy ( brackets ) 500 – 800 EUR per jaw
Invisalign 3.900 – 4.500 EUR
Simple Extraction 60 EUR
Complicated Extraction 90 – 190 EUR
Composite Veneer 120 EUR
Crown ( Metal – Ceramic ) 350 EUR
Crown ( Porcelain ) 450 EUR
Crown ( Zirconoum ) 500 EUR
Teeth Whitening 360 EUR

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