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Dental Implants Antalya CBK Clinic is covering all areas of dentistry, especially cosmetic dentistry and prosthesis.
Clinic is following the most modern techniques in dentistry. Doctors regulary attending tranings and courses in Turkey and abroad.

Treatments Dental Implants Antalya CBK Clinic

Tooth Crowns Antalya

The purpose of tooth crown is to make artificial teeth that can perform as a natural one. Chewing and speaking function must be in harmonious with the face of the person. The porcelain crown can be for anyone over the age of 18. Best for the patient who lost their teeth due to any reason, or have broken, colored or shaped teeth.

Making the crown is the process where dentist replace a tooth or crown part.

Dental Bridge
A bridge is a fix dental restoration / fix dental prosthesis / replace a missing tooth / or several teeth / by joining an artificial tooth permanently to adjacent teeth or dental implants.

Full Dental Prosthesis / Dental Prosthetics /
A full dental prosthesis or whole dental prosthesis is a removable device that replaces lost teeth. Dental prostheses, porcelain or acrylic on an acrylic base.

Dental Prosthesis with Hooks / Partial / Clasp prosthetics
Due to its high quality and convenience, clasp dentures are one of the most popular types of removable prosthesis. Best for partial or even complete absence of teeth.
Clasp constructions consists of metal arch and artificial teeth which are attaches to plastic basis. Basis imitate the gum.
The main requirement for clasp dentures is the presence of at least a few anchor teeth.

Dental Implants Antalya CBK

Implant Dental Prosthesis
Implant prostheses are fix or moving prostheses placed on an implant and supported by implants. Persons who have no teeth but have adequate bone can also use implant assisted prostheses.

Inlay / Onlay Dental Restorations
Inlay and fixtures are a solution between filling and the crown.

Aesthetic Dentistry Turkish Riviera

Aesthetic Dentistry in Dental Implants Antalya CBK Clinic
Before passing on aesthetic solutions, a general dentistry and dental examination treatment evaluate oral and dental health. The model of the teeth and the surrounding tissues is obtained by taking measurements from the upper and lower tines and evaluation is made on the models. Face, smile, profile and mouth pictures from every angle.

  • Full Porcelain teeth
  • Porcelain Lamina Teeth / Veneers /
  • Zirconium Teeth
  • Bonding / Aesthetic Filling /

Digital Dentistry / Best Price /
CAD / CAM applications
CAD – CAM applications in dentistry are one of the last dentistry areas where technology comes in.
In traditional methods, a cut tooth is taken with the aid of a measuring spoon and a measuring material. The metal is covered with porcelain over the bottom which is made out of the metal. In CAD CAM applications, a three dimensional image of the tooth is taken with a special camera. Three dimensional drawings are sent to the computer and the dentures to be made are designed in a computer environment.

Smile Design Antalya / Best Price /

It is a design specially for the person. We make Smile design individualy for a person, to show and obtain high aesthetic result. For this reason, studies such as color selection, modeling, aesthetic plan, gingival aesthetics are specific to the person. Through these works, a real artistic work emerges and the smile of the person becomes special. Our most important assistant in these studies is digital plan. The digital planning work starts with taking pictures and we take all the records of the person to the computer to reach the final result.

Laser Treatments

Laser operations in soft and hard tissue in dentistry.
The application of laser in dentistry allows the treatment which are painless like teeth cleanin / gum infections / cyst operations / to apply any kind of treatment in the mouth.

Implants Turkey

Implants are artificial tooth roots that in the jawbone. Goal is to restore their function and aesthetics.
Implants are of titanium. Titanium is a high tech metal that has excellent tissue compatibility and we use it safely in many areas of medicine for centuries.
Implant is attached to the bone by forming a special bond and attaches to the cell where it is placed. When the proccess is completed / 2 – 6 months / loading / with a crown or bridgework / will be performed after implant placement.

All-On-Four Implant Technique
The All On Four implant technique is a procedure that allows the dental prosthesis to be on four dental implants. Implants are at certain angles in full toothless patients.

Bone Graft
Bone grafts, known as bone dust, are in a variety of forms. Human, animal or synthetic grafts in the form of small particulate powders or blocks.

Oral Surgery Antalya

Surgeons should be able to identify the symptoms in the mouth of some systemic diseases, such as / removal of teeth / removal of cysts / tumors / treatment of jaw fractures / rigid and soft tissues of the mouth to aid in the construction of prostheses / jaw face region pain / lower jaw joint diseases / salivary gland disorders and treatment / Placement of dental implants in the jaw / insertion of bone grafts in cases where there is not enough bone for the implant is also in surgical applications.

Laser Tooth Treatments
Some of these applications are / dental caries cleaning / canal treatment / dental fillings / all kinds of surgical treatments in the jawbone and gums / shaping of the gums / aesthetic tooth treatments / removal of sensitive teeth sensitivity / opening of dark colored gums / teeth whitening /

Root Canal Antalya

Treatment consisting of removing veins and nerves under the hard tissues of the teeth. Diseases surrounding the root of the tooth and the science concerned with their treatment.
When tooth pulp is sick, it loses its vitality with severe pain. Cause is usually tooth decay when infection is in tooth pulp.
If the infection stay, inflammation progressing causing abscesses at the root tips and jawbone. This can move forward and destroy the bone around the tooth.
The teeth, which had been damaged years ago, can be retreated thanks to the endodontics treatment. Even if these teeth are biologically dead, they can be comfortable with the other teeth. New teeth prevent a missing tooth in your mouth.

Children Dentistry
It is a scientific discipline that examines and resolves problems related to oral and dental health from birth to the end of adolescence. Prevention of tooth decay disorders / application of protective methods to milk teeth and permanent teeth / treatment of caries of milk teeth and permanent teeth / protection of tooth cavities which may result from premature grafts to prevent future tooth disruption / application of child prostheses to children born without teeth /

Gum Treatment Dentist

Gingival Treatments
Gum tissues are inflamed by sticky and discolored deposits called microbial dental plaque covering the teeth. When the plaque reaches a certain thickness, the bacteria in it begin to produce harmful substances. That cause inflammation. If the plaque stays on the teeth, irritation of the gingiva will result in destruction of the fibers. Fibers firmly connect the gingival to the tooth. It is the cause of gingiva to separate from the tooth. It makes it easier for bacteria and their products to progress to deeper tissues. As the disease progresses, the amount of separation between the tooth and the gum increases. Bacteria move up to the bone and the destruction begins in the bone that supports the tooth.

Special Dental Treatments

Snoring Treatment
The big problem of many people and people in the vicinity is snoring. Due to the disturbances and obstacles in the upper airways, the snoring that is coming into the field is causing difficulties in breathing. Snoring is in 5 of 10 males over 20 years old. It is seen in females. Snoring starts when you turn 40 years. Menopausal periods. Different methods can be for snoring treatment.

Tooth grinding
Bruxism is an unconsciously pinching teeth during sleep. This is an unusual situation and a very uncomfortable sound occurs.
Bruxism can be genetic. On average 2 out of every 5 people have the problem. Some 5 percent to 10 percent of those who have bruxism can cause damage to their teeth. Fracture of the teeth and aftertaste. Some complain about dysfunction of the jaw joints. People suffer from headache and facial aches in the morning.

Oral odor / Halitosis /
Usually the result of not providing enough oral hygiene. Oral odor can also be caused by liver, stomach and kidney diseases. Besides hygiene it can be the first signal of these diseases.


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