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Mission and vision
• Mission
Excellent service and personalized attention for each patient and each treatment. To ensure the solution of any trauma related to your oral health.
• Vision
To improve the quality of dental service, applying technologies and techniques with the highest possible results. To position our clinic on the market as a space of excellence that offers an efficient dental care, in order to reach optimal levels of oral health and contribute with the integral well-being of society.

Currently one of the most popular treatments with its numerous advantages.
Implants are responsible for replacing the roots of lost parts by replacing them with artificial parts, which allows the patient to recover and even improve the functionality .
Removable dentures may become out of time along with the discomfort , while with implants it is more comfortable as it resembles natural teeth as well as being more conservative without affecting adjacent teeth.
In addition fixed and removable prostheses have the peculiarity of being changed from time to time, while the implants have an approximate duration of 30-40 years.
The implant is inserted through a small surgery performed in the dental office. Once placed it will remain in bone until it is fully integrated into the bone (called osseointegration) from 3 to 6 months. Finally, the prosthesis is placed on the implant with a successful result of more than 95% of the cases.

Teeth in a day (24 hours – 48 hours implantology treatment )
We have the solution for the patients who are looking for a new smile in a very short time. In our clinic you can get complete oral rehabilitation in only 24 hours

Patients without bone:
-Bone graft
When there is a small volume of bone to place the implant, the bone grafting procedure is necessary. The bone is grafted to provide a sufficient base for the implant to achieve short- and long-term stability.

-Elevation of maxillary sinus
When there is atrophy of the bone in the upper jaw, the special lift technique allows the increase of bone mass in order to provide a suitable base for the placement of an implant.

Patients with bone:

The term All-On-4 refers to “all” teeth being supported “on four” dental implants, a prosthodontics procedure for total rehabilitation of the edentulous patient or for patients with badly broken down teeth, decayed teeth or compromised teeth due to gum disease.
-Post extraction inmedia implant placement
After the extraction of the tooth, we place the implant and if is possible a provisional crown.

General Dentistry
In Dental Clinics DaVinci we offer the best dental services for all ages, both in treatments and prevention.
Our dentists are trained to diagnose and treat all patients with any medical conditions and provide best result.
It is not surprising that changes in oral health negatively affect our general health, since the oral cavity is the entry of most of the things that enter our body, so the aesthetic and social factor is highly involved.
The biggest problem is that people do not go to the dentist unless they feel pain or discomfort of some sort, even when the problem is in an advanced state, so much that in some cases it is difficult to save the dental pieces.
That is why is important to have proper hygiene using supplements for brushing, such as dental floss or mouthwash. It will save a lot of hassle and money in treatments just if you have a culture of prevention, in addition to a visit dentist every 6 Months.

Pediatric dentistry
One of the things that matters most is the health of our children, so we know that taking care of our kids mouth today will results in healthy and strong teeth in the future

Dental Aesthetics: “A beautiful smile”
Having a nice smile encourages positive feelings in other people towards us, communication and empathy, as well as favoring personal self-esteem.
The fear of smiling through imperfections, colorations, breaks … that prevents showing a beautiful smile, is reason to go for the consultation. At present, this is a reality, as more and more people come without any pathology and require only an aesthetic change.
Nowadays, dentistry has a solution to any problem, aesthetic or not, each time with materials that appear to be more natural.
The desire of the patient must come together with the treatment of the professional who will be in charge of deciding the best in each case.
Teeth age over time, that is inevitable. They darken, changing our smile and giving a careless look.
Getting a wonderful smile is within everyone’s reach.

Aesthetic restauration
Dental restorations are used in the treatment of decayed, worn or fractured teeth to reconstitute their original structure.
We handle all the treatments taking care of the dental cosmetic (set of procedures directed to conserve and increase the natural beauty of the teeth and improve their physical appearance), so that in each one we focus simultaneously on the oral health and the aesthetic aspect .
Nowadays, the practice of dental cosmetics has been facilitated thanks to the new ultra-aesthetic restorative materials. The most outstanding are the latest generation resins, which incorporate ceramic particles in their composition, as well as modern metal-free dental porcelains .
We use digital smile design to create a new smile for each our patient

The veneers represent the aesthetic dental treatment to its maximum expression, fusing art and technique in an amazing creation.
They are the ideal treatment in cases that you decide to do Smile Design since they have the power to increase the natural beauty of the teeth and highlight the characteristics of the smile. They are thin porcelain sheets made to order, which are placed on the surface of the teeth, covering the front and the edge of the teeth.
Not all cases can be resolved by treating them with veneers, so it is important to carry out a thorough assessment to discern whether or not you are a candidate for such a procedure. It is essential to know the particular needs and expectations of each patient, to determine the suitability and feasibility of solving the case through the use of porcelain veneers.

Other aesthetic treatment
-Zirconia o Emax crown
-onlay, inlay and overlay
-Snap on smile
-teeth whitening

Orthodontics is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of malocclusions and bad tteth position with correction devices.
These incorrect bites facilitate poor oral hygiene due to the crowding that can cause, therefore, the treatment with orthodontics facilitates avoids periodontal diseases, caries, etc.
Orthodontics can be performed at any age, although it is true that some problems can be corrected more easily at an earlier age.
When carrying orthodontics, you should spend more time brushing and taking care of your teeth, even after the treatment. For this purpose it is best to use a soft bristle electric brush with a daily brushing of at least 2 minutes after each meal and using a mouthwash.
Invisalign® i a novel system that is not based on brackets but on transparent aligners, practically invisible, made to order and removable by the patient. Starting from an initial dental situation, the orthodontist defines a desired final objective and in successive phases every fifteen days, the aligners are changed to gradually modify the position of the teeth until reaching the marked goal.
The fact of not having any type of mechanical device and its invisibility makes aesthetics and comfort factors as a key of this technique.
Invisalign® aligners can be removed at any time for eating, drinking, brushing teeth etc. which makes them extremely comfortable and easy to clean.
A 3D virtual treatment plan with ClinCheck software shows the successive movements that the teeth will follow during treatment. This allows to know from the outset the aspect that will have the patient at the end of the treatment.

Complete dental prosthesis
It is a treatment taht replace complete absence of dental pieces.
They not only serve to improve chewing, but also the speech and aesthetics.

Better known as pyorrhea, periodontal disease is a pathology of the tooth holding tissues, which begins with gingivitis, ie inflammation of the gums and bleeding. This is reversible if it is treated professionally by performing a good oral hygiene at home. If your treatment is not carried out it can progresses to periodontitis.

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