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About us
What makes us different from others?
We stick to the principle that two heads are better than one. That’s why we take an individual approach to each patient, with several specialists of different branches of dentistry provide their opinions so as to obtain the best final solution. We are completely devoted to details and have a great experience accrued in our team, headed by specialist in dental prosthetics with more than 30 years of experience. We strive for perfection in all aspects of work and are totally devoted to each patient.
Apart from regular members of our team, we also cooperate with a large number of eminent specialists from different areas of dentistry.
In our clinic we are using best materials and techniques to ensure high quality treatment and the best results.

Conservative Dentistry
Aesthetic Dentistry
Endodontics ( Root Canal Treatment )
Oral Surgery
Gum Treatments
Hygiene Treatments
Additional services
Free transport from airport / bus station to the dental office
Free consultation, therapy plan and indicative offer based on OPT projection. Projection of all teeth in upper and lower jaw which you can take in your country of residence and send us by email
Additional discounts for major interventions
Local number so that we could keep in touch
If you need accommodation, we ensure special discounts outside regular offer for our patients in accommodation facilities in immediate vicinity of the dental office:
Free certificate of treatment in our office with prices based on which patients in some countries can have their costs refunded, as is the case in Switzerland.
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White filling one surface 18 € 25 €
Teeth upgrading with Logan post 30 €
Ceramic filling, CAD CAM system 180 €
Mechanical treatment of teeth canals, vital extirpation 25 € – 40 €
Therapy of deep caries 18 €
Removal of dental plaque 18 €
Teeth curettage (per tooth) 7 €
Ordinary teeth extraction 18 €
Complicated teeth extraction 30 €
Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth 100 €
Apicoectomy 100 €
Flap surgery per jaw 350 €
Bone and membrane graft 200 €
Insertion of dental implant 390 € – 700 €
Metal-ceramic crown on implant 120 €
Non-metal crown on implant 220 €
Abutement (Suprastructure) 100 €
Sinus lift 500 €
Metal-ceramic crown 80
Non-metal ceramic crown 200 €
Ceramic veneer 220 €
Dental partial acrylic prosthesis 200 €
Dental total acrylic prosthesis 200 €
Dental skeleton prosthesis 300 €
Fixed prosthesis (per jaw) 600 €
Whitening of teeth (both jaws) 150 €

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