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About Us
At Dr. Jawoosh Dental Clinic, oral health and patient well-being are our top priorities.
Dr. Jawoosh opened this practice in Bucharest on the belief that everyone, at every stage of life, deserves premium dental treatments, at competitive prices, in order to obtain and maintain a healthy smile that will last a lifetime.
Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, with the highest quality materials and thus can offer a wide range of treatments and services for the whole family, from routine checks and emergency problems to implants in 24 hours and complex surgical treatments.
We do our best to promote a calm atmosphere so that you can relax and feel at ease.
We will always give you a warm welcome when you visit us, and our dentists will give you the time to listen to any dental problems you have, as well as to discuss your treatment options.
We want to give you a great dental experience and help you have a confident and healthy smile that you can be proud of.
We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic and showing you how to transform not only smiles but also lives.

Dental Services
Pediatric dentistry
Laser Treatments

Price List
Complete Hygiene Treatment – 60 EUR
Laser Hygiene Treatment – 300 EUR
Periodontal Disease Laser Treatment – 525 EUR
Teeth Whitening – 170 EUR
Laser Teeth Whitening – 330 EUR

Oral Surgery
Simple Extraction – 30 EUR
Molar Extraction – 90 EUR
Surgical Complex Extraction – 180 EUR

JD Dental Care Dental Implant 450 EUR
Bredent Dental Implant 600 EUR
Neodent Dental Implant 600 EUR
Straumann Dental Implant 1.200 EUR
Implant Megagen 600 EUR
Implant Zimmer 800 EUR
Zygomatic implant 2.500 EUR
Nasal Implant 1.500 EUR
Addition of Unidentary Bone and Membrane 305 – 385 EUR
Sinus Lift 700 EUR – 850 EUR
All On 4 – 4.000 EUR
All On 6 – 6.000 EUR
Temporary Crown over the implant – 50 EUR
Metal Ceramic Crown over the implant – 185 EUR
Ceramic Crown over the implant – 325 EUR
Temporary Teeth ( All on 4 or All on 6 ) – 200 EUR
Fixed Final Teeth ( All on 4 or All on 6 ) – 910 EUR

Metal Ceramic Crown – 145 EUR
Ceramic Zirconium Crown – 265 EUR
EMAX Ceramic Crown – 300 EUR
CAD CAM Veneer – 300 EUR
Laboratory Ceramic Veneer – 425 EUR
Inlay/Onlay – 245 EUR
Provisional Crown 10 – 40 EUR
Total or Partial Denture – 245 EUR

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