Dental Implants Istanbul Mevsim

Implants Center Istanbul

Dental Implants Istanbul Mevsim Center providing you dental services since 2005.
All our treatments and services are provided in a clinic following high standards.
We work hard to provide you the best service with our specialized team.
In our clinic, we provide comprehensive dental treatment in all of the dentistry fields. Clinic use advanced technology equipment and high quality materials. Our services are provided in a luxurious and comfortable environment.
We are following oral and dental health related new technologies. Dental team is providing the patients with the latest and most suitable oral and dental treatments. We provide the latest and most economic treatments in a short period of time.

Dental Services In Istanbul


  • Examination
    Many factors may cause tooth aches. Early examination may aid in finding the causes of the problem.
  • Dental Anxiety Treatments in Dental Implants Istanbul Mevsim Clinic.
    We provide many services which will help you get over your fear and anxiety, finally allowing you to enjoy your oral health.
  • Implantology
    We can restore your smile back to how it was with implant treatments.
  • Composite Bonding / Porcelain Restorations
    A chipped tooth can be treated via cosmetic or porcelain restorations.
  • Gum Treatments
  • Orthodontics
    With invisibles braces, we provide you the solution with latest technology to straighten your teeth.
  • Dental Caries Treatments
    We use modern technology to determine the decay as early as possible and provide protection for your teeth.
  • Teeth Whitening
    We provide a few whitening procedures to brighten your teeth and bring your smile back to your face.
  • Endodontics
    Root Canal Treatment

Dental Center Istanbul Mevsim Prices

Composite Filling / 60 – 80 EUR /
Extraction Simple / 60 – 80 EUR /
Extraction / surgical / impacted / 60 – 80 EUR /
Porcelain inlay / onlay / 60 – 80 EUR /
Teeth Whitening / 100 EUR /
Regular teeth cleaning / 60 – 80 EUR /
Deep cleaning scalling / per quadrant / 60 – 80 EUR /

Crowns / Veneers
EMax porcelain crown / 250 EUR /
Porcelain veneer / 100 EUR /
Zirconia crown / 135 EUR /
Lamine Veneer / 250 EUR /

Dental Implant / 350 – 600 EUR /
“All on Four” System / 6.000 – 7.000 EUR /
“All on Six” System / 6.000 – 7.000 EUR /
Root Canal Treatment / 100 EUR /


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