Dental Implants Izmir Optimum

Dental Implants In Izmir

Dental Implants Izmir Optimum Clinic is a leader in Dental tourism in İzmir.
With its modern and warm people, libertarian spirit, deep blue sea, entertaining nights, fountain with the most beautiful coast of Europe, Balçova’s hot springs, the pearl of the Aegean Sea İzmir, provides a unique exploration opportunity while you are getting your treatment.

About Dental Implants Izmir Optimum Clinic

Our Clinic offers you the most convenient and comfortable dental treatment you can experience.
We offer painless and long lasting treatments to our patients. Our modern clinic with a warm and friendly concept that includes a pleasant and attentive environment.
The most current treatment approaches we follow with our best instruments. We use premium materials, and the best functionality and aesthetics you need.
OUR MOTTO is Optimum quality / Optimum service / Optimum price /
In this direction, our aim is to plan the most accurate and long term treatment.
We can organize your visit from a first consultation and cost estimate, to the full organization of your trip, accommodation and organization of excursions in İzmir.

Dental Tourism Izmir Turkey

By choosing Dental Implants Izmir Optimum Clinic, you can give yourself the opportunity to be treated by leading dentist in the most modern dental clinic. You can have the best holiday experience by staying in Izmir 1st Class hotels.
If you have already planned your holiday please let us know your arrival and departure date and we will schedule your dental appointments as per your plans.

Dentist Prices Izmir

Treatment planning / Free /
Panoramic X ray / Free /
3D Dental Tomography / 80 Euros /
Extraction simple / 35 Euros /
Dental Implant / 475 – 800 Euros / depend on the brand /
Porcelen crown / 130 Euros /
Zirconium / 200 Euros /
Denture / 400 Euros /
Teeth Whitening / 175 Euros /


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