Dental Implants Madrid Spain

About Us
We are the only dental clinic in Barrio del Pilar with its own prosthetic laboratory and CAD / CAM system, which allows us to offer a fast, reliable and quality dental restoration service at an unbeatable price. The CAD / CAM technology consists in the design and manufacture of prostheses through a computer program, to perform a service of dental implants, prostheses and veneers.
Once we have decided the parts that we are going to complete or replace in a free evaluation and diagnosis, and after the subsequent planning and placement of the implants, it is time to recover the functionality of the missing tooth with a crown. At our Dental Clinic you can have the crown on the same day, and a fixed prosthesis on dental implants in less than a week.
The prosthetic materials we use are top brands and are free of metals. We do not use metals in our dental practice.
Thanks to the fact that the laboratory is ours, we avoid intermediaries. Because of that you can enjoy the prices that are much cheaper than those of other centers, offering you even higher quality.
We have more than 30 years of experience.
All dental treatments at one place.
Experts in Oral Implantology, Prosthodontics, Orthodontics and dental treatments for the whole family.
First visit includes review, diagnosis, oral hygiene and treatment plan. Come without commitment!
Own Prosthesis Laboratory
We design, manufacture and place our own prosthesis, which gives you quality, speed and safety in your treatment. We guarantee your prosthesis!
We have 10 cabinets totally prepared to help you improve your oral health.

  • General Dentistry
    At our clinic in Madrid we have the best professionals who perform an exhaustive study of the conditions of the patient’s oral cavity in order to get a healthy and beautiful smile
  • Implantology
    At our clinic we have a great team of dental implant experts in Madrid, who will advise you and perform a personalized Oral Implantology treatment, recovering the functionality and aesthetics of your smile. We have our own prosthesis laboratory in the next room, which allows us to have your crown ready in a single day thanks to the CAD / CAM technology we use. If you need a fixed prosthesis on dental implants, we offer safety, quality and everything ready in a week.
  • Aesthetic dentistry
    Ceramic Veneers
    Composite Veneers
    Teeth Whitening
  • Orthodontics
    Metal brackets
    Self-ligating brackets
    Invisible orthodontics
  • Prosthetics
    At our clinic we are experts in dental prostheses in Madrid.
    We have our own laboratory with CAD / CAM technology a few meters from our center, so speed and quality are our most outstanding values.
  • Periodontics
    Gum Treatments
  • Children Dentistry
  • Endodontics
    Root Canal Treatments
  • Oral Surgery
    Composite Filling 50 EUR
    Extraction Simple 60 EUR
    Extraction (surgical/impacted ) 120 EUR
    Porcelain inlay/onlay 150 EUR
    Teeth Whitening 400 EUR
    Regular teeth cleaning 50 EUR
    Composite veneer 100 EUR
    Deep cleaning scalling (per quadrant ) 50 EUR
    Crowns / Veneers
    Porcelain crown 400 EUR
    Porcelain veneer 250 EUR
    Zirconia crown 400 EUR
    Temporary crown/veneer 35 EUR
    Full Denture 500 EUR
    Partial Denture ( CAD CAM ) 900 EUR
    Implant Procedures
    Dental Implant 800 EUR
    Sinus lifting 400 EUR
    “All on Four” System 1800 EUR
    “All on Six” System 2300 EUR
    Bone graft (large) 350 EUR
    Bone graft (small) 250 EUR
    Root Canal Treatment 190 – 250 EUR

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