Dental Implants Malaga

The European Center for Oral Implantology, CEIO, is an innovative center specializing in dental implants.
It is equipped with the latest technologies in minimally invasive surgery and computer-guided surgery.
All coordinated by a great team of doctors with extensive training in their specialty, dental assistants and administrative staff, always committed to the oral health of the patient.
The time when going to the dentist was a long procces of waiting in the waiting room, followed by painful intervention is past.
In our dental centers in Barcelona and Malaga, we have the best doctors and the latest technologies in a relaxed environment where the patient is comfortable.
Modern interior will make you feel relaxed.
All the dental specialties and multiple diagnostic tests are performed in a single center, without the need to resort to third parties, avoiding travel and saving time for the patient.
Research is one of our main activities, allowing the development of new procedures, both in intervention safety and surgery, improving patient care and benefit, which allows us to rehabilitate 99% of patients who come to our center with bone atrophy, returning aesthetic and natural functions losses.

· Free radiologic study.
· Free Implantology study.
· Free Orthodontic Study.
· Financing plans

Oral Implantology • Surgery – Maxillofacial • Orthodontics • Prothesis and oral Rehabilitation • Periodonthics • Conservative odontolgy • Aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry • Endodonthics • Odontopediatria • ATM temporomandibular joint • Dental treatments for disabled people • Sedation

Consultation FREE
Diagnosis and treatment plan FREE
including OPG X – ray FREE
Prescription FREE
Scale & Polish 50,00 €
Composite Restoration/Replacement Fillings 58,00 €
Root Canal Treatment (1) 100,00 €
Root Canal Treatment (2,3,4) 150,00 €
Post 90,00 €
Teeth Whitening (laser) 150,00 €
Periodontal Treatment(1 Quadrant) 50,00 €

Single Implant 199,00 €
Bone Graft 280,00 €
Membrane procedure 200,00 €
Expansion Procedure 220,00 €
Sinus-Lift 220,00 €

Temporary Crown 35,00 €
Single veneer 345,00 €
Titanium Abutment 200,00 €
Zirconium Crown 450 €
Crown Porcelain 350,00 €
Full Arch Restoration implant: Resin (Denture Over Implants) 2.850,00 €
Overdenture (Denture Over Implants) 1.800,00 €
Abutment Locator 200,00 €
Temporary Removable Denture 350,00 €

Normal Extraction 30,00 €
Surgical Extraction 70,00 €
Wisdom Tooth Extraction (Non-Surgical) 70,00 €
Wisdom Tooth Extraction (Non-Surgical) 150,00 €

Fixed braces 2.000,00 €
Invisalign 5.000,00 €

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