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About Us
Doctors Fernando García Vélez and Javier Lozano Zafra founded Vélez&Lozano in 2008.
From the very beginning our goal has been to become a pillar of the dental community in Murcia and the surrounding areas. Since opening our doors in 2008, we have treated more than 8,000 patients from every region in Murcia as well as other regions of Spain and Europe.
In order to achieve this, our philosophy is based on the following principles:
• Professional Ethics and Conduct – this is essential to providing our patients with the utmost confidence in us.
• A multi-disciplinary team of professionals – with specialized training that provides services and solutions to any dental problem.
• Commitment to New Technologies – this allows us to always be on the forefront of the latest dental techniques and advances.
• Personalized Service – we listen to our patients and respond to their needs by offering the best and most appropriate treatments.
• Maximum Availability – we offer dental care every working day of the year. That’s more than 2,400 hours of clinical care a year!
Today, Our clinical team are made up of seven dentists specialized to handle any and all dental needs; as well as friendly and professional oral hygienists and clinic assistants. Thanks to our team of friendly and professional staff members, you can enjoy the best dental health care available in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Latest Technologies
Our commitment to research, development and innovation is shown in the treatments we use and the equipment we own. Having the most up-to-date technologies allows us to provide safe, effective, quick, stable and long lasting results:
• Centralized nitrous oxide (laughing gas) system, certified like the best hospitals worldwide.
• The latest generation of dental microscopes specialized for dental magnification, allowing incredible precision in root canals treatments.
• Digital panoramic X-ray, allowing us to take higher quality images with a much lower dose of radiation than a conventional X-ray.
• Autoclave with spores control and external certification of our sterilization process to ensure maximum biosecurity.
• Three-dimensional thermoplastic sealing systems allowing us to achieve the best outcome in endodontics.

• Endodontics
• Pediatric dentistry
• Dental implants
• Aesthetic dentistry
• Orthodontics
• Periodontics and oral surgery
• Biocompatible treatments
• Occlusion and breathing
• Habits

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