Dental Implants Sofia Bulgaria

Teeth In One Day Sofia Bulgaria

Why Choose Dental Implants Sofia Bulgaria ?
High Quality dental services.
Treatments provided by highly trained and experienced team.
Top quality equipment.
Most advanced materials
Flexible procedure for appointment booking.
Easily reachable location

About Our Dental Clinic In Sofia Bulgaria
Our dental clinic is equiped with the best state of the art dental technology. Clinic is providing treatments in a modern and relaxed space.
Clinic is providing treatments in all sectors of dental medicine. Own dental laboratory based in the clinic, which covers exclusively the needs of our patients. Dental Team can achieve top quality and prompt results even for the most complicated cases.
In our clinic patients feel comfortable, on the safe side, following 24 hour pattern of communication with the dental team, at the clinic.
Within a day or week we can make top quality, complete dental treatment for every patient.
The team of collaborators from the clinic are all highly qualified Doctors.
Accommodation is available for our patients, especially in case of big treatments / implants, surgeries etc. /

Dental Treatments Sofia

Aesthetic Dentistry
Teeth Whitening
Tartar Cleaning
General Dentistry
Treatments of broken teeth
Root canal treatments
Oral Surgery

Dental Implants Sofia Bulgaria Clinic Prices

Composite Filling / EUR 100 /
Extraction Simple / EUR 100 /
Extraction / surgical / impacted / EUR 250 /
Porcelain inlay / onlay / EUR 300 /
Teeth Whitening / EUR 300 /
Regular teeth cleaning / EUR 150 /
Composite veneer / EUR 250 /
Deep cleaning scalling / per quadrant / EUR 100 /

Crowns / Venners
Porcelain crown / EUR 300 /
Porcelain venner / EUR 400 /
Zirconia crown / EUR 400 /
Temporary crown / EUR 100 /

Dental Implant / EUR 750 /

Full Denture / EUR 400 /
Partial Denture / EUR 400 /
Thermoplastic denture / EUR 600 /

Root canal treatment / EUR 150 – 250 /


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