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Dental Implants Tunisia Bessrour

About Us
We guarantee the excellent quality of all our treatments and highly aesthetical natural looking result.
We do not compromise on quality and in our clinic we are only using hi-tech equipements, respecting strict hygiene rules, using the best products and modern Dental laboratories.
With a professional and multilingual team we take care to listen about the needs of our patients to better meet their requirements.
Our quality is the same as in any high quality clinic in Europe but our rates are up to three times less expensive than in Europe , we therefore welcome patients from all around the wworld


Intra-oral X-ray & panoramic
During your first visit or request quotations it is advisable to have a panoramic x-ray showing the teeth and jaw structures.
In the clinic we can take digital intra-oral X-rays , much more precise then standard x ray and very safe because it requires very small amounts of radiation.

-Aesthetic Fillings
-Inlay & Onlay

Composite Filling 90 EUR
Extraction Simple 90 EUR
Extraction (surgical/impacted ) 200 EUR
Porcelain inlay/onlay 250 EUR
Teeth Whitening 280 EUR
Regular teeth cleaning 90 EUR
Composite veneer 280 EUR
Deep cleaning scalling (per quadrant ) 60 EUR
Crowns / Veneers
Ceramic crown 280 EUR
Porcelain veneer 280 EUR
Zirconia crown 300 EUR
Temporary crown/veneer 40 EUR

Full Denture 600 EUR
Partial Denture 300 EUR

Implant Procedures
Dental Implant ( implant only ) 380 EUR
Implant + Abutment + Zirconium Crown 600 EUR
Sinus lifting 900 EUR
“All on Four” System 3.900 EUR
“All on Six” System 4.900 EUR
Bone graft (large) 300 EUR
Bone graft (small) 100 EUR
Root Canal Treatment 140 EUR

Location & Contact

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