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About Us
Our Dental Center is a multidisciplinary team of dentists and surgeons specialized in different areas of dentistry. The extensive experience and professionalism of the team motivates us to work together for the sole purpose of achieving the best results in the treatment of our patients.
Thanks to our constant education and the use of the latest technologies we can guarantee the highest quality in treatments we do.
In addition, close collaboration with laboratory technicians and the use of CAD-CAM technology in the design and development of prostheses, allows us to ensure the best fit for them.
The challenge every day is to monitor the health of patients and offer treatments using the most advanced to ensure stability, predictability and duration of treatment techniques.

Dental Implantology
Dental implants are artificial roots that are placed (implanted) in the jawbone or jaw, creating a solid foundation on which can perform both single tooth restorations, such as partial or full dentures, and work exactly like our natural teeth .
Dental implants allow us to chew with total comfort, smile and talk to the same security as our own teeth.

Oral Surgery
There are times when you may require oral surgery. In most cases it is due to irreparable problems in the teeth, which require the removal thereof to avoid greater demage such as mouth infections.
It is also a recurring option extraction of wisdom teeth due to pain caused by a strange position in our teeth. And sometimes reduced, it may be necessary for maxillofacial cysts or more serious problems.

Dental Aesthetics
We want to smile in a healthy and natural way.
Cosmetic dental treatments are the best option to end spots, dark teeth, missing teeth and teeth in bad position.
The wide range of solutions we offer you as porcelain veneers or ceramic crowns on zirconium, are highly aesthetic and biocompatible, thus your teeth are healthy and safe.

Periodontal Dentistry
Having healthy gums is not just a matter of image: health also counts, because our teeth are supported on our gums.
In clinical Zenia Dental Center we have the best solutions for treating gum.

Children Dentistry
In our Dental Center we have the ideal treatment for your children.
Fluorinated techniques, application of sealants of pits and fissures and tips care of your teeth will be key to ensure the dental health of our children treatments.

Dental Prostheses
The lack of any of our teeth and molars causes our oral health problems, such as difficulty eating and aesthetic deterioration of our smile.
Dental Center will advise the best option to replace your missing teeth.

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