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About Us
Tranquility, health and wellbeing of our patients is what we value most so, for this reason, in June 2015 Dra Virginia Valle Sales decided to open her own dental practice in Altea, a beautiful place on the Costa Blanca where she can treat her clients, both adults and children, surrounded by a warm atmosphere where they can enjoy each visit.
More than 12 years experience
In June 2005 Dra Virginia Valle Sales obtained her license in Odontology at the University of Mendoza, Argentina which was then homologized at the University of Valencia, Spain. Since that time she has been working full time, and keeping up to date with courses both in Argentina and other parts of Europe. At the moment her work is focused on DSD smile design via photos and computer imaging, implants, feldspar veneers, and bleaching, among others.
We also base our concepts on a biological dentistry, a metal free life, especially free of mercury. With this in mind, we use safety protocols with our patients to avoid contamination and toxicity, as we do in the environment. VIA CLINICA DENTAL in Altea also offers an exclusive range of high quality complementary facial treatments.
We can achieve excellent results with the use of hyaluronic acid to enhance your lip volume and shape and to improve the nasogenian folds. We also work with botulinic toxin (botox) to assist in the rehabilitation of TMJ problems (temporo- mandibular joint) and in the correction of a gingival smile. Our main objective is to offer a personalised treatment to suit the needs of each patient.

*Dental Implants
*Aesthetic Dentistry
Teeth Whitening
*General Dentistry
Hygiene Treatments
*Root Canal Treatments
*Oral Surgery
Tooth Extraction
*TMJ Treatments
*Aesthetic Medicine ( Botox )

Lip Augmentation 400 EUR
Botox from 150 EUR
Extraction Simple 75 EUR
Extraction (surgical/impacted ) 170 EUR
Teeth Whitening 400 EUR
Deep cleaning scalling (per quadrant ) 105 EUR
Ceramic crown 630 EUR

Full Denture 1.725 EUR
Partial Denture 980 EUR

Implant Procedures
Dental Implant + abutment + zirconia crown 1.725 EUR
Sinus lifting 900 EUR
“All on Four” System from 5.000 EUR
Bone graft (large) 750 EUR
Bone graft (small) 500 EUR

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