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Oraldesign Dental Studio is located in Arcore, only 20 minutes away from Milano by train.
Dental studio is specialized in All on 4 implantology procedure,dental veneers and professional cleaning.
In our dental studio you can find all other dental treatments as well.
In our studio you can get best possible dental treatment. We are using high quality materials to reach the best possible result.

ALL-ON-4® implantology
With ALL-ON-4® system remove the denture and make your smile great again with fixed teeth on the same day!
ALL-ON-4® immediate loading.
The ALL-ON-4® treatment concept was developed to provide patients with an efficient and effective prosthesis with only four implants to support a full-arch prosthesis with immediate loading.
ALL-ON-4® offers doctors and their patients stability even in minimal bone volume.
By tilting the two posterior implants, longer implants can be used in case of minimal bone volume, thus increasing implant-to-bone contact and reducing the need for vertical bone grafting. The inclined posterior implants can be anchored to the front bone, reducing the extensions and therefore improving the support to the prosthesis.
Positive clinical results with ALL-ON-4®
Biomechanical measurements show that inclined implants, when they are part of a prosthetic support, do not have any negative effect.
In clinical practice, inclined implants with positive results have been used for over ten years.
The planning and positioning of ALL-ON-4® uses the NobelGuide treatment concept, which ensures accurate diagnosis, planning and implant placement.
The NobelGuide software enables detailed diagnosis, such as available bone identification, virtual implant placement according to anatomical condition and prosthetic requirements, and ordering a custom surgical template.
NobelGuide supports minimally invasive techniques without flaps, as well as surgical access through mini-flaps and complete flaps, while the surgical template ensures the guided and precise positioning of the implant.
Thanks to ALL-ON-4®, patients benefit from an immediate implant-supported prosthesis, as the temporary prosthesis is screwed onto implants immediately after the surgery.

Aesthetic Dentistry
Thin ceramic sheets that are cemented by the dentist permanently, on the surface of the anterior teeth with an adhesive technique.
The veneers give a natural look to the smile, improving its appearance without causing dental problems, even in cases of diastema and serious damage.
The porcelain dental veneers have a variety of indications, they are used on a healthy tooth, but with aesthetic problems, among which:

  • malformed teeth or where there is a need to transform the shape of a tooth
  • fillings with color defects
  • fractured teeth
  • space between the teeth, where facets having a dimension slightly larger to fill the empty spaces
  • teeth with enamel defects
  • discolored teeth (permanent stains) if the whitening treatment is not very effective,
  • teeth with position anomalies: rotated or misaligned teeth can be corrected with the use of dental veneers, thus creating an effect of “instant orthodontics”.

Teeth whitening with laser
Therapy to change the color of the teeth which, for various reasons, have chromatic alterations or appear too dark.
The professional whitening treatment of vital teeth can be performed in the studio with a whitening gel catalyzed by a specific lamp.
The duration of the therapy is just 60 minutes.
There are no known side effects except a possible transient sensitivity.
As a rule, these treatments have a lasting effect for 4-5 years, after which the therapy can be repeated.
Other Treatments
Conservative Dentistry

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