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About us:
Welcome to our two clinics – one in Ashdod and the other – in Kiryat Gat.
Our experience and professionalism together with top quality equipment and materials , give you the best treatment options and performance from the beginning until the perfect smile.
We provide also one- day treatment under general anesthesia or sedation.


Dental implants
Dental implantation is a process of a perfect artificial imitation of the natural tooth in case of missing one tooth or more teeth.
The implant that replaces the root is inserted into the gums and after it is stabilized, a porcelain crown is adjusted on it.

Dental implants have become very popular nowadays, with the understanding that compared to the existing solutions to the condition of missing a large number of teeth (bridge or dentures), dental implants are far superior to them, both in terms of maintaining the oral and dental health and in terms of aesthetics.
Implantology treatments has been considered as a treatment that only people with high income status can afford.
Today, people from different socioeconomic classes choose this technique or a combination of some technologies to restore teeth to their previous condition.In long-term vision The implants may be cheaper because of its durability over the years and the reduction in the number of visits to the dentist which is reflected in the annual expenses associated with dental care.
In our clinic, it is very easy to get all the necessary information, consult a doctor and a professor of oral rehabilitation and make the right decision.

Oral rehabilitation is a wide area that deals with restoring teeth to improve or restore the function and aesthetics of the teeth and oral cavity.
The rehabilitation process consists of simple treatments such as fillings, aesthetic reconstructions, tooth whitening and rehabilitation through crowns, bridges, dentures, etc.
The development of a treatment program in cases of more complex treatment programs such as: extensive toothless completion, tooth erosion, closure problems, correct speech tone, oral appearance, improved functioning of the chewing system, and functional disorders of the jaw joints. This is done through a excellent understanding of the case, using extensive knowledge, up-to-date literature, clinical experience and cooperation with experts in various fields.

Aesthetics and aesthetics
There is a wide range of treatments, so before starting the treatment, you will get a personalized treatment plan for the patient.
Aesthetic treatments include: reconstruction of white fillings – replacement of white “gray” fillings, teeth whitening, porcelain veeners, zirconia crowns, Aymax crowns, aesthetic bridges, gingival correction and dental alignment.

White teeth have always been seen in the Western world as a symbol of health, personal care, status and capital.
Over the years people have done and are still willing to do a lot to make their smile sparkle …
The good news is that most of us are born with white teeth, so teeth whose color has changed due to external factors such as smoking, coffee, etc. can be restored.

The process is done by placing oxidative material according to natural front teeth.
Teeth can be treated in several ways:
1.Home kit.

  1. Bleaching in the clinic.
    The best way to restore your teeth is to have a consultation with your dentist and get a recommendation for the appropriate whitening method.

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