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Dentist Besiktas Istanbul Uzmanlar

Best Dentist In Besiktas

Dentist Besiktas Istanbul Uzmanlar Dental Clinic aims to provide the new generation dentistry. We offer individual options to its patients by harmonizing with its own perspectives and values since its foundation in 1995.
Our mission is to present dental services with highest quality expertise to our domestic and foreign patients. Clinic provides best possible offers to patients dental, aesthetic and functional needs.

Dentist Besiktas Istanbul Uzmanlar is committed to become one of the prominent international clinics. We provide advanced dental procedures and dental techniques to patients from around the world. We believe that when an expert team uses advance scientific techniques with conservative, aesthetic and ethical approaches, the team can go beyond patients expectations.
Our dental clinic was founded in 1995. Since then we are greeting our patients from whole Europe and the world expanding our dental surgery continuously. Modern treating methods and own dental laboratory can satisfy all demands of our customers.

Zirconium Implants Dentist Besiktas Istanbul Uzmanlar

Complete dental surgical and implantological treatments. In our clinic we perform pure zirconium implants procedure. Best price.

Dental replacements / prosthesis, crowns and bridges. Most modern medical and laboratory technical methods. Best price.

Our strength is the preparation of zirconia crowns and bridges.
We work with the newest technologies and materials and the strictest regulations. Treatments are performed in modern and elegant clinic at best prices. We put particularly large accent on the hygiene. Work quality and professionalism is our top priority, and of course on the reliableness and friendliness to our patients.
In addition to our state of the art dental services we provide a lot of hospitality.

In our dental clinic you will be greeted by a highly qualified dentist team. We are specialist in the area of general dentistry / prosthetic / implants / Most modern equipment and the best European ISO standard materials. To each special case the best dental specialists / dentist / dental surgeon / implantologist / dental technicians / dental hygienists / are at your disposal.

Dental Laboratory Besiktas Istanbul

The dental technical laboratory belongs to our dental clinic. Your denture is made there at a reasonable price. High quality and short time.
Our dental laboratory belongs to the dental clinic. Dental technicians have more than 10 years work experience. We use materials exclusively from Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and the USA. Clinic use the newest technology in zirconium crowns. Dental laboratory corresponds completely to the European standard system

Treatment plan
If you could send us a recent panoral x ray, and describe your dental problem, our dentists and dental surgeon can give you a treatment plan and a price quotation by e mail within 24 hours.

Travel, airport transfer and accommodation
Our English speaking organiser gladly helps you to arrange every aspect of your dental treatment from airport pick up to booking your accommodation in our town.

Our extra services for our patients are:

Dentist Prices Besiktas Istanbul

Dental examination / Free /
Dental consultation /Free /
Panoramic xray / Free /
Composite Filling / 70 EUR /
Extraction Simple / 55 EUR /
Extraction / surgical / impacted / 100 EUR /
Porcelain inlay / onlay / 130 EUR /
Teeth Whitening / 130 EUR /
Regular teeth cleaning / 60 EUR /
Composite veneer / 120 EUR /
Deep cleaning scaling / per quadrant / 120 EUR /

Crowns / Veneers
Metal Ceramic Crown / 100 EUR /
Ceramic crown / 210 EUR /
Porcelain veneer / 250 EUR /
Zirconia crown / 190 EUR /

Full Denture / 800 – 1.500 EUR /
Partial Denture / 400 – 750 EUR /

Dental Implant / 440 – 800 EUR /
Porcelain Crown on Implant / 100 EUR /
Sinus lifting / 300 EUR /
“All on Four” System / 3.900 EUR /
“All on Six” System / 4.900 EUR /
Bone graft / large / 300 – 700 EUR /
Bone graft / small / 50 – 300 EUR /

Root Canal Treatment / 100 EUR /

Invisaling Aligners / 800-1.500 EUR /


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