Dentist Bodrum Turkey Halikarnas

Bodrum Dental Clinic

Dentist Bodrum Turkey Halikarnas. Welcome to our low cost dentistry and dental implantology centre in BODRUM / TURKEY.
We offer private dentistry service in a modern clinic, using best materials and the brands.
We offer a wide variety of dental procedures from cosmetic options,from small colour corrections to a whole new smile.

Dental Clinic and Implants Centre is situated in Bodrum, at the Western border of Turkey. The Clinic provides solutions to people who are looking for professional and high quality dental treatments at affordable prices, avoiding long waiting lists.

Dental Tourism Bodrum Turkey

Bodrum, the worldwide well known town as the most popular destination of Dental Tourism. Easily accessible within a few hours from Europe. There is an airport near the town.
More and more people visit us specifically for dental tourism due to our well equiped clinic and professional treatments, as well as lower prices compared to Western countries, in order to rapidly solve dental problems.

Services Dentist Bodrum Turkey Halikarnas

/ Cosmetic Dentistry /
Inlays and Onlays / Aesthetic Fillings / Tooth Crystal / Teeth Whitening / Laminate / Zirconium / Empress Crowns / Smile Design
/ Endodontics /
Fiber Application / Root Canal Treatment
/ Implants /
Bone Grafts / Mini Implant / Dental Implant
/ Oral Surgery /
Apical Resection / Impacted Teeth / Sinus Lifting / Wisdom Teeth Surgery
/ Child Dentistry /
/ Periodontology /
Frenectomy / Gum Recession And Gum Surgery / Gum Aesthetics
/ Prosthesis /
Precision Attachment Partial Dentures / Partial Dentures / Total Dentures / /Temporomandibular Joint Disorder and Treatment /

Dental Implants Bodrum Turkey

Tooth implant is a titanium screw system which is used to make prosthesis on where there are missing teeth. Dental implants which are placed in jaw bone serve as tooth roots. While it is possible with dental implants to replace one missing tooth, without touching neighboring healthy teeth , it is also possible to use the implants in case of more missing teeth.
The results are long lasting.

Dental Tourism
If you have already planned your holiday please let us know your arrival and departure date and we will schedule your dental appointments as per your plans.

Price List Dentist Bodrum Turkey Halikarnas

Dental Implant / Price is from 450 up to 850 Euros / depend on the brand /
ALL ON 4 / Price is 6.500 Euros / Complete Procedure / Price par arch /
ALL ON 6 / Price is 8.000 Euros / Complete Procedure / Price per arch /
Composite Veneer -/ Price is 110 Euros /
Porcelain Veneer / Price is 255 Euros /
Crown / Price from 120 Euros / Depend on the material /
Denture / Price is 400 Euros / Price per arch /
Teeth Whitening / Price is 175 Euros / Full Mouth /


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