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A healthy and beautiful smile is very important to feeling good with ourselves and with others, so it is important to take care of it.
In our clinic you can get the attention that goes beyond aesthetics, affecting functional issues: oral health affects eating, laugh, talk and it has strong influence to the quality of life. The Dental Unit Division of the Villalba Private Clinic is specialized in oral health care at all ages.

Following a careful diagnostic analysis we propose to our patients complete and personal care to reach ultimate achievement in a short period of time.

Patients who visit our Dental Unit may count also on professional hospital care: Our dental practitioners are using best technology and they can make collaboration with other doctors and specialists of the Villalba Private Clinic to offer enviroment of tranquility. We can help in most complex cases (cardiopathic, oncologic and handicap).

We know how much for the patient’s well being is important not only to have professional care but also that treatment is as painless as possible: the methods of pharmacological sedation and general anesthesia applied by our anesthetists allow us to cure stressless i anxious patients. Computer guided techniques also allow to reduce the discomfort caused from lack of teeth.

Implantology and Oral Surgery
Implantology is the surgical branch of dentistry which allows to replace missing teeth with fixed teeth, in a simple, safe and long-lasting way.
It is aimed at all adults who for several reasons have lost one or more teeth during their lifetime.
Advanced age is not considered as a contraindication to intervention. The system involves the insertion of titanium artificial roots, biocompatible material that does not cause foreign body reactions and allows to achieve the ideal osteointegration, that is, the perfect union of the bone with the plant, both physically and biologically. The implants become so in the body, and are used to rehabilitate compromised dental arches. Our specialists apply state-of-the-art technologies to reconstruct missing teeth or to replace the prosthesis (denture).
Oral Surgery includes a whole range of surgical therapies designed to solve various oral cavity issues, from tooth extraction to cyst removal, to more complex interventions such as bone reconstruction, including implantology and periodontology. These interventions are mostly performed in local anesthesia, but in special or more complex cases at our Dental Unit you can use conscious sedation or general anesthesia, also to avoid stress and anxiety in the patient.
Dental specialists may also work in synergy with the Maxillo-Facial Surgery Unit, a specialty that deals with pathology and morphological changes in the head and neck with different areas of relevance including: Facial, oncological surgery, oral cavity surgery and paranasal sinuses, traumatology and orbit surgery.

Orthodontics studies and corrects the anomalies that may have affect the position of the teeth, the growth of the bones jaws (upper jaw bone and mandibular bone) and the relationship between the two dental arches (malocclusion).
Orthodontics has the purpose of restoring the relationship among arcades, facial harmony, chewing, the sphinx and breathing.
Depending on the type of anomaly and the result you want obtain, orthodontics can be mobile, with appliances removable, or fixed, with fixed devices.
There are no age limits to undergo the treatment.
Fixed and Mobile Prostheses
Dental prosthesis is a medical device that permanently or removably replaces damaged or missing teeth.
After the specialist visit, a report on the clinical situation of each patient is presented and a series of treatment plans are proposed to choose the one that best meets the specific needs and expectations.
“Fixed prosthesis” means a product that has the function of rebuilding a severely damaged tooth or replacing one or more missing teeth.
The prosthesis is stably anchored to the residual teeth or to the implants inserted in the edentulous area. This type of prosthesis should never be removed from the patient.
The dental industry today provides aesthetic materials that allow excellent camouflage with natural teeth, for an excellent result both from the functional and the aesthetic point of view.
The Mobile Prosthetics instead replaces the missing teeth with artifacts that need to be removed from the patient during daily hygiene.
In our dental clinic you can get all other sorts of dental treatments.

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