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About Us
Mirò, the first dental center in South Tyrol, is synonymous of high quality dental care and family-friendly prices. After the success obtained in Bolzano, new clinics have been inaugurated in Trento, Rovereto, Rimini, Parma, Cremona and Turin.
Mirò is a cutting-edge dental structure, equipped with the most modern technologies (TAC 3D, CAD CAM,) created to offer our patients the highest level of comfort. In all Mirò clinics, highly qualified medical staff and expert assistants work with the help of the best technology on the market.
One of the great pluses offered by Mirò is the opportunity to access the best specialists in the dental industry. Thanks to the high quality and excellent organization, university professors and recognized Italian dental specialists have decided to offer their services in the Mirò clinics at affordable prices.
This means offering each patient the best possible treatment plan with the best experts specialized in implantology, prosthetics, orthodontics, surgery, pedodontics, oral hygiene and periodontology.
In Mirò, the patient is at the center. Thanks to the proposal of personalized financing, everyone can have access to dental care.
Not only that, thanks to the Family Card, all members of the same family can save 5% on each treatment.
Our competitive prices are not due to lower quality, but to internal optimization of resources.
The opening hours are from Monday to Saturday ensures easy access to services even for patients who can not leave the workplace.
In urgent cases or in emergencies, Mirò has a special first aid service.
We remind you that the first visit is without obligation. Come and meet us and you will not regret it.
Mirò dental clinics are a reference point for extremely competitive prices, easy access to services, strong patient orientation and efficient organization.
All this entails a great advantage in terms of price and performance for the patient.
All specialized care for your teeth at one place.
With the operating room and numerous studios, Mirò has all the requirements for modern dental practice.
Our dental clinics are following rigorous procedural protocols and use of innovative medical devices.
Each dentist is a professional recognized in his field and each performance is carried out with the utmost professionalism and excellent results, whether it be the first visit, hygiene, root canal treatment, implantology, prosthesis, orthodontics, maxillofacial surgery, treatments for children, emergency cases or routine checks.
Mirò offers its patients state-of-the-art technologies to guarantee the best care and maximum comfort. 3D overview, sophisticated implantology programs, digital scanners, conscious sedation and many other services are available.
Our team of highly qualified dentists, guarantee minimum waiting times. Emergency cases are included in daily planning and are given top priority.
To provide you with a 360 ° assistance, our centers use specialized dental technicians employed in their own laboratories. Thanks to continuous updates and training at an international level, the laboratory is always in step with the times and offers warranty, compliance release in accordance with current EEC regulations, quality, functionality, perfect performance, long lasting durability and top-level aesthetics.
Strict sterilization protocols, subjected to careful and periodic checks, guarantee and preserve the health of every patient. The attention paid by all the staff, periodically updated, to the cleaning of the operating environments and the sterilization of the instruments, is at the highest level.

Treatments & Price LIst

  • First visit without obligation
  • Dental prevention and hygiene
  • Aesthetic dentistry
  • Conservative and endodontics
  • Fixed and mobile prosthesis
  • Implntology
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Periodontology
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Orthodontics Invisalign
  • Conscious Sedation
  • Intraoral Scanner – Digital Dental Impression
  • Sleep apnea

PORCELAIN €450 – €478.00
COMPOSITE VENEER €205 – €293 –
DEEP CLENING SCALLING ( per Quadrnat ) €90
ZIRCONIA CROWN €595 – €750
FULL DENTURE €995 – €1212
DENTAL IMPLANT €650 – €765
SINIS LIFTING €1485 – €1515
ALL ON FOUR €2650 – €3232
ALL ON SIX €3180 – €3939
BONE GRAFT €100 – €107

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