Dentist Budapest Hungary DNP

In 1994 he completed his studies at Szmolenszki Medical University, Faculty of Dentistry, Russia, following which he completed a Dental Surgery Diploma including Prosthodontics, and Restorative Dentistry, registering at Semmelweis University, Budapest, 2006.
For more than 10 years he worked in Moscow at Reál Medical Centre combining this with private pactice. He specialises in general dentistry, dental hygenical treatments,aesthetics and prevention, endodontics,combined dentures,tooth preparations,restorative dentistry,prosthodontics,dental surgeries and periodontal treatments.
Peter is married and has a son. He likes swimming and reading space-themed or historical-themed articles, books. He speaks russian fluently and german in intermediate level.
• Restorative dentistry
• Dentures
• Dental implants
• Periodontics and vector therapy
• Anesthesia
• Oral surgery
• Cosmetic dentistry

Existence of the best kindliness and competence, sometimes toothloss or extraction can be unavoidable, but removable or fixed dentures can often be the ideal solution.In this case,chewing function,speaking skills,aesthetic is being impaired which is not sustainable for a long term. Chewing disorder causes indigestion,general condition and other health issues which impairs the quality of everyday life.
Removable or fixed dentures are made by a technician offers a solution to solve this problem for patients who are not necessarily need surgery.
Inlay, onlay and crowns bridges and dentures as alternative solutions can also be provided. If only the root remains it can be streghten with a metal post.
In case of large tooth loss a complete or partial removabe dentures can be offered which can be combined with fixed application for additional stability.
What are they made of?
Crowns and bridges can be made of metal based ceramic. The mouth-side part is made of ceramic which does not react to acids, alkalis and does not discolours. Disadvantage of metal based ceramic that it is not suitable for people whit metal allergies.
In this instance, for front teeth Zirconium-dioxide is a stronger and more aesthetic alternative which can be used for patients suffer this. Colour is matched to exactly the same as your existing teeth.
Dental implants
Days are passing by and unfortunately most of the people lose one or more of their teeth for various reasons, e.g. aging, accidents, diseases.It is recommended that missing teeths are replaced as soon as possible. This is due to digestive problems sometimes arising . Gap bone loss could be formed and movement and spreading of remaining teeth often occurs often causing facial changes. In this case dental implants can be a reliable choice.
What is dental implant?
Dental implant is actually a replacement for the root of a tooth. During the procedure the implant is placed in the bone which will be the holder of the crown, bridge or other prostheses. Dental implants are usually made from medical titanium which, due to its biological, chemical and physical nature it can properly intercorporate to the bone and the human body fully takes in which is the succes of implantation.
What is the advantage of dental implants?
The biggest benefit of implants compared to other tooth replacement methods is that it looks like your real teeth and is the most permanent, stable solution. Even the patient finds it hard to spot the false tooth.

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