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About Us
Throughout the past years we have been successfuly helping patients from around the world, like yourself, by providing exceptional quality and low cost dental treatment solution. Our dental clinic accommodates a selection of the best dental surgeons who has been trained in the very latest clinical and cosmetic dentistry techniques.
We would like to make sure that you feel cared for when you visit our clinic so we would like to offer the following, when you take up a treatment with us:
Free airport transfer
Free consultation with digital panoramic x-ray
Free treatment plan
Free 24 hours patient service – travel and accommodation arrangements, direct contact to any clinics
Why Choose Us?
At Budapest Dental Solutions our primary objective is to offer you, quality and exclusive patient care with the added benefit of providing a potential savings on your dental bill. We understand that you may be nervous about making a decision to undergo cosmetic or restorative dental treatment in a foreign country, but you can be rest assured that we make every effort to take stress out of dentistry and your travel arrangements to make your stay in Budapest relaxing and memorable.
Our patient care representatives are at your disposal to make all the necessary arrangements to ensure that your treatment and your trip to Budapest are as hassle free as possible.
It only takes 5 simple steps to start your treatment at our clinic
Step 1 – (Enquiry): When contacting us either by email or phone we ask you to provide us with a detailed information about your dental and general health with the dental treatment you are looking for. It is not a problem if you do not know what treatment you need long as the information about your current dental health is presented to us with close accuracy, we will be able to provide our professional view on the best options to help rebuilding your dental health.
Step 2 – (Dental Treatment Plan): With the information that we receive from you, will enable us to prepare our recommendation for possible treatment options combined with an estimated cost and duration you will require to stay for completing the dental treatment.
Step 3 – (Dental Appointment Booking): Should you decide to go ahead with any of the treatment option presented to you, we then will make all necessary arrangements with the clinic, by booking your appointment.
Step 4 – (Travel Arrangement): Once the appointment is booked at our dental clinic the next step for you to organise your travel to Budapest. If you require we can provide guidance to find the most suitable and cost effective way to travel to Hungary. As an addition and part of our service we can help you find and organise a suitable accommodation for the duration of your stay with potential cost savings through our partner hotels.
Step 5 – (Arrival to Budapest & Consultation): On arrival to Budapest, our patient care representative will meet you at your arrival point and provide transport for you and anyone who accompanies you to your pre arranged accommodation and to and from our dental clinic.
All dental treatments are carried out by experienced and highly qualified dentists using state of the art facilities, the highest quality materials and the very latest proven internationally adopted techniques in clinical and cosmetic dentistry. The dentists working at the clinic has gained dental qualifications that are accepted as equivalent or even higher to their foreign trained counterparts.
At your initial visit to our dental clinic after meeting the dental doctor we will need to do a thorough oral examination combined with an assessment of you general health and medical history. The oral examination is vital in allowing us to create our detailed pre-treatment records and identify any underlying dental health problems should they be present.
General Dentistry
• Dental Hygiene
• Gum Disease Treatment
• Root Canal Treatment
• Root Resection
• Tooth Extraction
• Tooth Coloured Filling
• Dental Crown
• Dental Bridge
• Dentures
• Dental Implants

Cosmetic Dentistry
• Teeth Whitening
• Porcelain Veneers
• Inlays/Onlays
• Composite Bonding
• Smile Makeover
• Implants

Patients with missing teeth are vulnerable to gum disease, loss of bone, and potentially negative changes in facial structure. Dental implants provide an innovative way to minimize or eliminate these and other problems, while restoring function and beauty to patients’ smiles. Unlike traditional treatments for tooth loss, such as dentures and bridges, dental implants are actually fused to the jawbone, providing the most durable, long-lasting way to replace missing teeth.
Getting dental implants is a multi-step process beginning with the surgical placement of titanium posts into the jawbone. After several months of healing, these posts will have permanently fused to the jaw, enabling them to function like the roots of natural teeth. Next, general dentist will attach and secure metal-free artificial teeth to the titanium posts. Specially designed to match the color and appearance of the rest of your smile, dental implants look, feel, and function just like natural teeth.
With treatment of implants each case is different; therefore it is hard to evaluate any case without an oral examination. In most of the cases the schedule of an implant is the following:

  • If tooth extractions are needed, 3-4 month should elapse before the implant can be placed. As for the operation, a 2-4 day visit is enough. 2-4 months after the placement of the implants, the healing abutments can be placed which is a one-day visit. These healing abutments should remain for minimum 2 weeks, after which we can build up the implants and have the crowns or denture made. This visit should be one week long.

• Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening, is generally recommended for healthy teeth that may have become stained or discoloured. The durability teeth whitening is strongly linked to lifestyle where excessive contact with coffee, tea, red wine and smoking can have a deleterious effect. The results of the treatment are usually visible for 1 to 3 years, depending on mainly eating habits and smoking
It is a similar bleaching process by which objects are naturally whitened by sunlight but, thanks to the blue light and hydrogen peroxide, the whitening treatment allows our clients to leave in just under an hour with their teeth at their optimal whiteness.
It is also completely safe, because unlike sunlight, our patented light does not release harmful ultra-violet rays. Instead, it operates in the gentle blue-green spectrum, which is safe for tooth enamel as well as skin, gums, and other soft tissues.

• Porcelain Veneers
Veneers are wafer-thin shells of porcelain which are bonded onto the front of existing teeth in order to make a cosmetic improvement in their appearance.
Porcelain veneers are routinely used to improve the appearance of teeth that are:
Discoloured Teeth
Worn Teeth
Gaps in Teeth
Misaligned teeth
Porcelain veneers are carefully selected to match the shape and contours of existing teeth, mouth and gum line and bonded into place with a clinically safe enamel/ceramic adhesive. Slight reshaping and polishing of the in-situ veneer is carried out to remove excess adhesive and achieve the desired cosmetic effect. The procedure is generally accomplished with 2 visits to the clinic with 3 days in between.
• Dentures
For patients with missing teeth, dentures provide a flexible and inexpensive solution. A removable dental appliance, dentures consist of either a full or partial set of replacement teeth, depending on each patient’s needs. Dentures rest on top of the gums to help return the patient’s mouth to normal chewing function.
Our dentists can fabricate dentures that have natural-looking porcelain teeth or less-expensive plastic teeth. Either way, dentures will restore chewing function, enable patients to speak with greater ease, and produce a more aesthetically pleasing smile.
• Dental crowns
Dental crowns, often referred to as ‘dental caps’ or ‘tooth caps’ are typically used in dental restoration to repair teeth that sit above the gum line but have been broken, significantly worn away, or destroyed by decay. A wide variety of dental crowns are available ranging from naturally looking porcelain or gold alloy. A successful crown fitting can be expected to last trouble free for in excess of 10 years or longer.

Tooth whitening (Beyond) €180
Tooth whitening home kit (Opalessence) €300
Veeners & Crowns
E.max (pressed full ceramic) €350
E.max Veneer (pressed full ceramic) €350
Metal ceramic crown €200
Zirconium crown €300
Inlay / Onlay bridge €200 £156 $219
Composite Veneer €150

Removable denture €525
Straumann Implants
Straumann SLA implant €650
Straumann Roxolid implant €850
Straumann Exposing the implant and a healing screw €25
Straumann Cemented abutment (titanium) €300
Straumann Cemented abutment (ceramic ips.e.max) €350
Straumann Cemented metal ceramic crown on implant (CAD/CAM) €200
Straumann Cemented zirconium crown on implant (CAD/CAM) €350
Straumann Screw retained metal ceramic crown on implant and abutment €750
Straumann Screw retained zirconium crown on implant and abutment €550

Alpha Bio Implants
Alpha Bio ICE / SPI implant €500
Alpha Bio Exposing the implant and a healing screw €25
Alpha Bio Cemented abutment (metal) €200
Alpha Bio Cemented abutment (zirconium) €350
Alpha Bio Cemented metal ceramic crown on implant (CAD/CAM) €200
Alpha Bio Cemented zirconium crown on implant (CAD/CAM) €350
Alpha Bio Screw retained abutment (metal) €225
Alpha Bio Screw retained abutment (zirconium) €350
Alpha Bio Screw retained metal ceramic crown on implant (CAD/CAM) €200
Alpha Bio Screw retained zirconium crown on implant (CAD/CAM) €350

Dentures / All on 4
Denture retained by locators (on 2 implants) €940
Denture retained by locators (on 4 implants) €1870
All on 4 implants system (temporary bridge, final bridge – metal ceramic) €5680
Membran €250 £195 $273

Bone replacements / Sinus lift
Bone replacement (0.5 gramm of artificial bone) Bio-Oss €400
Sinus lift + bone replacement (0.5 gramm of artificial bone) Bio-Oss €500
Metal bar / click bar supported overdenture on 4 implants (full set) €4480

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