Dentist Cagliari Sardinia 22

About Us
The Piazza Repubblica 22 Dental Clinic is a center offering a complete range of services for oral care and patient wellbeing.
A single facility for the whole family, where all treatments can be performed.
In our Clinic your dental care is entrusted to the best professionals and the most advanced tools, and we guarantee that you will come out with a smile and without stress.
Prevention is in our DNA and for this reason at our facility the consultation visits are free and without obligation.
The structure is designed to put the patient at ease.
In our waiting room you can relax watching TV, using our free wi-fi network, reading a magazine or a book from our library, which always contains new titles thanks to booksharing. We have set up a playful corner, where the children have their own space and where they can play before the procedure.
The operating rooms are equipped with the most modern instruments and chairs, in order to ensure stress-free treatment and to support the dentist in the best possible way in the development of the therapies.
The great strength of our clinic is the team of people always ready to listen and solve any kind of patient problem.
The team is made up of dentists, experienced assistance and secretarial staff who work together to make the patient feel comfortable. Getting trust is our priority and helps us to develop the care plan and find solutions that meet the needs of each patient. We are concerned not only with the functionality of the interventions, but also with the aesthetics and general well-being.

Why us ?

  • First consultation visit is free of charge
    Prevention is in our DNA and we work to promote it 365 days a year.
    We recommend our patients to visit the dentist at least every 6 months to check the state of oral health. For this reason we invite you to come and visit us for free without obligation.
  • Team of specialists
    In dentistry, as in every other branch of medicine, excellence is achieved when the dentist specializes in the single subject, because he/she dedicates all his activity to solving a specific problem. In our Clinic each patient has a dentist responsible for the treatment.
    Patient is directed to the most suitable specialist for the different treatments, with the aim of providing excellence in the quality of therapies.
  • No fear
    The fear of the dentist is a problem for many patients and because of this many people are not focused on the health of their mouth. This is why we have always taken care to overcome the problem by putting the patient at ease. Before the treatment we explain in detail the various stages of treatment in order to ensure treatment without anxiety, in case of need we are helped by the most advanced technological tools. We have video-glasses that help to overcome the tension with the method of distraction both in adults and children. We also propose the conscious sedation with protoxide.

Immediate loading implantology
Immediate loading implantology provides that, in just one appointment, the implants are positioned and crowns are immediately applied allowing the patient to immediately have the smile.

Implantology with deferred loading
The implantation with deferred loading involves two phases. In the first phase the implants are positioned. After a period called the osseointegration period of about 3-4 months for the mandible and about 5-6 months for the upper jaw, the crowns are applied.

Implantology flapness
It is a surgical technique that allows you to insert the implant through the mucosa and without having to affect the gingiva. It’s biggest advantage is the absence of points and the greater speed of healing times.

Guided implantology
It consists in the study of the case on three-dimensional radiography and in the preparation of ad hoc templates that guide the surgeon in total safety, allowing him to achieve the best result without taking risks. It is slightly more expensive, but extremely safe for the patient.

Oral Surgery
Oral surgery deals with treating different types of pathologies and aesthetic-functional problems of the mouth and performing with technical expertise and maximum psychological attention; dental extractions. At the Piazza Repubblica 22 Dental Clinic, interventions can also be performed in conscious sedation.

The aim of the prosthetists working inside the Piazza Repubblica 22 Dental Clinic is to offer the patient treatments that are perfect both from a functional point of view: a stable prosthesis that allows correct chewing, and from an aesthetic point of view : which therefore adapts to the physical characteristics of the patient and to his needs. For this reason, the case is initially studied.
The aim of the staff at the Piazza Repubblica 22 Clinic is to guide the patient in his choices by providing him with a range of possibilities that fit his situation. After acceptance of the plan, depending on the type of prosthesis chosen, the different sessions will be performed during which the dentist will prepare the teeth on which to base the prosthesis and take the necessary impressions for the realization of the temporary prosthesis and therefore of the definitive one. .

Prosthetic veneers
In addition to the more traditional crowns you can find aesthetic solutions that cover only one surface of the tooth, restoring it and making it aesthetically perfect. The veneers are thin ceramic or composite foils that stick to the surface of the teeth, especially the anterior ones, saving a great part of dental tissue. They are recommended in case you want to restore the aesthetics in a patient who still has vital teeth.

Aesthetic Dentistry
A beautiful smile improves self-esteem and makes you more confident in personal relationships. The harmony of a luminous, natural and spontaneous smile is the end of the aesthetic treatments of the Piazza Repubblica Dental Clinic 22. Our highly qualified specialists will study the most appropriate treatment on your smile and face, so that you can smile proudly.

It is known that one of the causes of periodontal disease is of infectious origin. In addition to the clinical diagnosis, supported by radiographic exams at the Piazza Repubblica 22 Dental Clinic, molecular biology analyzes are used. This type of test allows us to identify the type and quantity of bacteria present in periodontal pockets. The sessions are then performed with the periodontist or the doctor in Dental Hygiene to allow removal of supragingival plaque and tartar and, in the presence of periodontal pockets, also from the roots through scaling. Thanks to the use of the laser, the periodontal pockets are disinfected, allowing to close them, eliminate gingival bleeding and regenerate periodontal tissues.

Laser Treatments
Conservative Dentistry
Invisible Orthodontics
Pediatric Dentistry
Oral Hygiene

PRICE LIST ( price list is informative only. For a final price of each treatment, consultations are necessary ).
Composite Filling EUR 131
Extraction Simple EUR 82
Extraction (surgical/impacted ) EUR 150
Complex Surgical Extraction EUR 243
Teeth Whitening EUR 223
Regular teeth cleaning EUR 88
Composite veneer EUR 230
Deep cleaning scalling (per quadrant ) EUR 83

Crowns / Veneers
Porcelain crown EUR 643
Zirconia crown EUR 430
Temporary crown/veneer EUR 79

Full Denture EUR 2000
Partial Denture (one dental arch) EUR 1100

Implant Procedures
Dental Implant (implant only) EUR 795
Abutment EUR 18
Laser Biostimulation in Dental Implant Surgery EUR 27
Small Sinus lifting EUR 223
Large Sinus lifting EUR 531
Implant secured dentures (4 implants – single arch denture) EUR 5.990
Implant secured dentures (6 implants – single arch denture) EUR 6.990
Overdenture (4 implants – single arch denture) EUR 3.990
Overdenture (2 implants – single arch denture) EUR 2.990
Bone graft (synthetic bone and membrane) EUR 290

Root Canal Treatment
Anterior teeth EUR 165
Premolars and molars EUR 212
Dental pin EUR 130
Inhaled Sedation EUR 32

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