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About Us
Our clinic is located in one of the most beautiful and interesting places in Colombia. We offer wide range of the treatments using high tech equippment and best materials. Our clinic is a SPA type clinic.
We have a program called DENT-OS, which stores stories and procedures with 3D images, photos and your clinical record, so you can consult us via Internet using the password.
Cartagena fills us with reasons to smile: Its fiestas, its walks in chiva, its beautiful beaches, its historical zone, its gastronomy and culture typical of the Colombian Caribbean coast make everyone who lives in this city very happy.
That is why it is necessary for all people to have beautiful and perfect smilet. Dental specialists make sure that when you enter the clinic you feel like in a spa.
We make sure that your smile is perfect, so you can enjoy Cartagena in all its splendor.

Having a cute smile is much more than a few white teeth. A beautiful smile is the reflection of a healthy mouth with healthy gums and teeth without cavities. Aesthetic dentistry in our clinic seeks to improve the life and smile of people, starting with an individual analysis of the face and mouth, to achieve a harmonious, on a natural and healthy structure.
Artistic Aesthetic Dentistry
This treatments will make your smile beautiful again. No stains, malformations, separations, crowded or missing pieces. Thanks to our advanced technology we can make your smile looks like the one you always wanted.
Laser Whitening
Recover the white and natural tone of your teeth through a short-duration laser treatment that allows you to recover the color of your tooth enamel. You will get immediate results, with less sensation of sensibility, without damages in the dental pulp or in adjacent tissues.
• Nasal Bioplasty
• Facial Cosmetics
• Bichectomy
• Digital radiography
Discover the best technology in imaging systems of the last decade, which allows the immediate acquisition of images and multiple digital applications.
• Radiovisiography
Get digital radiographic images, better quality and with many applications more than traditional radiographs, this will guarantee greater efficiency in all treatments.
• Smile Renaissance Hollywood
This treatment makes your smile look radiant, using the latest in robotic innovation.
• Smile Design
• Clinical examination with digital intraoral camera
Our digitized intraoral cameras shows every detail of your mouth on the screen, allowing us to give you a more complete diagnosis so that your treatment is completely effective.
• Implants without a scalpel
Going to the forefront in implantology, allows us to offer you the service of dental implants without a scalpel, optimizing your procedures so that you see a complete denture in the shortest possible time.
• Oral Rehabilitation
Recover your oral health through the most modern rehabilitation techniques for teeth, gums or implants.
• Microbial pathologies
We have effective solutions to treat all kinds of diseases caused by microbes, which guarantee a much more beautiful smile.
• Endodontics
Performed by experts, treatment that affect the nerve and the blood vessels located inside the tooth, due to the presence of advanced caries, traumas or periodontal problems.
• Implants
It returns to show a complete and beautiful denture with the implants that we offer you, with safe procedures, of greater durability and very minor annoyances.
• Orthodontics
Receive the best in prevention, diagnosis and treatment in maxillofacial disorders and enjoy a healthy and aesthetically surprising smile.
• Pediatric dentistry
Take care of the oral health of your children from the earliest years. Our professionals will tech them how important and fun it is to keep your teeth healthy.
• Robotic Dentistry
Thinking about the well-being and comfort of our patients, we have robotic technology, which allows to design rehabilitation on dental implants in a fast, spontaneous way without needing many devices or discomforts.
• Computerized anesthesia
Avoid the pain or discomfort of anesthesia, with our latest technology equipment, which allow us to anesthetize you by dosed drops, without any discomfort.
• Electrosurgery
These equipments allow us to provide you with a safe and quicker surgery without bleeding, using high frequency current to influence, coagulate, or dissect tissues, efficiently.
• Laser Therapy
Designed to reduce postoperative pain and inflammation, it also speeds healing to ensure optimum recovery.
• Laser Surgery
• Laser
• Facial Cosmetics

Consultation 50 USD
Implant laser technology 1000 USD
Porcelain Crown 250 USD
Zirconium Crown 300 USD
Lithium Disilicate (metal free) 250 USD
Metal Ceramic Crown 250 USD
Venner 250 USD
X Ray 50 USD
Whitening 150 USD
Cleaning 100 USD
Surface restorations 100 USD
Root Canal 300 USD
Extraction 300 USD

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