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In our dental clinic you will find a comfortable place equipped with the best and most modern technologies to meet our patients’ needs. A full radiology equipment enables us to perform panoramic radiographs with instantaneous digital development.
Ous Services
Dental implants
Dental implants are just small titanium roots that are anchored to the bone, where the artificial tooth is placed. It can be used in patients whose maxillary and jawbone growth is complete, normally at 18 years of age.
Dental Implants are used to substitute missing dental pieces or to place dental prosthesis.
In many occasions we think the reasons to complete our oral structure are merely cosmetic. However, an incomplete or poorly formed denture can have many factors influence and can be affected by. We are talking about Oral Health.
For a proper position of the implants we need to know the width and height of the bone, and in some cases also ensure a correct connection between the bone and the implant. An examination and an x-ray will give us that information, but in some cases it will be necessary to perform a C.A.T (Computerized Axial Tomography) that offers much more detailed information.
Once we have this information we will study the implants necessary and their location. Surgery is then performed to place them, using a local anesthesia to ensure there is no pain. This will allow us to put the tooth over the implant, pretending this way to have natural teeth where there wasn’t before.
In our clinic we use AVINENT grade 5 titanium implants, the greater hardness available in the implants market. The advances nowadays allow us to recover a single tooth or the whole set of teeth, placing a certain number of implants that may vary depending on each particular case. Additionally we make a six-monthly check, free of charge, including an annual x-ray to assess the state of the implants.
In case of an unsuccessful integration of an implant, Clínica Antonio Vidal guarantees its replacement within the next 5 years.
With orthodontics we position the teeth in the right space of the mouth. It is NOT only used for cosmetic reasons, but also to improve the chewing function. Sometimes, either because of the absence of any dental piece or because the teeth eruption hasn’t occur adequately, it can cause displacements that may result in discomfort, erosion of other pieces, etc…
Periodontics consists in studying, diagnosing and treating the problems that can take place in the surrounding tooth structure (gum and bone). Our teeth can be in perfect condition although we can be having any kind of anomaly around them.
Endodontics is the treatment that consists in the removal of the dental pulp to avoid tooth extraction in order to preserve it. This intervention is performed when the injury has progressed a lot and reached the pulp.
A dental prosthesis is an element that replaces one or several dental pieces that are absent. With its utilization the patient recovers not only the eating functionality but also the dentition esthetic, achieving a normal life without any discomfort.
Oral surgery is the medical specialty of Dentistry that performs surgical interventions in the mouth and related structures. The specialist diagnoses, prevents and treats any pathology of the oral cavity.
The specialist in oral surgery has the competency to carry out:
Any dental alveolar surgery.
Maxillary interventions.
Surgery of the soft tissues in the oral cavity.
Dental cosmetics
Cosmetic dentistry covers all treatments related to the beauty of the smile. Apart from improving the teeth aesthetic, these treatments will improve the patients quality of life.
PADI PROGRAM (Children Dental Care Program)
Clínica Antonio Vidal is a registered PADI (Children Dental Care Program), clinic that offers treatments for children, financed by the Autonomous Region. The purpose of the Department of Health offering this program is to prevent tooth decay and periodontal pathology, considering as well treatments for other common childhood pathologies.
Conscious sedation
Conscious sedation is the administration of medication with the purpose of removing any pain caused by a surgical intervention, as well as minimizing the patients’ fear and anxiety.
PRICE LIST ( all prices are in Euros )

  • Price List is informative, for more detailed price please contact the clinic using the contact form
  • Cleaning 60 Euros
  • Fillings 60-80 Euros
  • Microscopic Endodontics
  • Anterior teeth 150 Euros
  • Premolar 200 Euros
  • Molar 280 Euros
  • Post 50 Euros
  • Root cleaning 120 Euros per cuadrant
  • Temporary crown 50 Euros
  • Metal-porcelain crown CrCo 270 Euros
  • Metal free crown 450 Euros
  • Implant 650 euros
  • Implant crown with its abutment 550 Euros
  • Bone regeneration 200-1000 Euros
  • Full metal-resin fixed teeth 3500 Euros
  • Full temporary resin arch (fixed) 1500 Euros
  • Conscious sedation 20 Euros /10 min

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