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SERVICES / Dentist Chania Crete
Emergency Treatments

Dental Consultation / Examination /
The first appointment is a detailed examination of the patient in conjunction with the medical and dental history. Examination would lead to the diagnosis and follow up treatment plan. Digital radiography, video and photos through the stereoscope are some tools to accurately diagnose problems and understan patient needs.

Hygiene Treatments
Dental Fillings
Periodontal treatments
Cosmetic Dentistry
Bridges / when missing teeth /
Prosthesis when missing a few teeth or all teeth:
Where it is not posible to replace missing teeth with bridges, then solution are dentures.
In our clinic we are making dentures, partial or complete / total /.
The most modern way of recovery is the use of implants. However, for patients who do not want or are not suitable for implants, it is possible to make aesthetic dentures.

Dentist Chania Crete Prices

Consultation / 20 EUR /
Composite Filling / 40 – 60 EUR /
Simple Extraction / 40 EUR /
Teeth Cleaning / 45 – 55 EUR /
Composite Bonding / 50 EUR /
Metal Ceramic Crown / 250 EUR /
Zirconia Crown / 400 EUR /
Temporary Crown / 100 EUR /
Full Denture / 700 EUR /
Partial Denture / 650 EUR /
Root Canal / 200 EUR /
TMJ Holistic Treatments / 150 EUR /

Our clinic is specialized in alternative way and solutions when it comes to health treatments.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
Traditional Chinese acupuncture is the most widely used treatment for migraine in China.
Some benefits of this treatment is reduced pain.

SU JOK Micro Acupuncture
SuJok” is a combination of two words. In Korean ‘Su’ means hands and ‘Jok’ means feet. Thus, SuJok actually means treating on hands and feet. SuJok Acupuncture is a Physical and Metaphysical, Natural Therapy of healing without drugs.
Treatment is fast and completely natural.
Sujok is the most perfect acupuncture treatment for psyihological release with the chrono acupuncture technic.

Aesthetic Gua Sha
The aesthetic Gua Sha made with semiprecious stones and Anti wrinkle acupuncture / without chemical or Surgery /.
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